Dec 7, 2016

Destiny - Beast 02 (sneak peek)

Putting together yet another Destiny video, this time around with some Queenbreaker's Bow action. Mainly Iron Banner - Rift, with some Trials thrown in the mix.

This is a sneak peek of Destiny - Beast 02. 😆


Nov 7, 2016

Destiny - Beast 01

Nowadays, fooling around with my Destiny clan D743 on rare occasions when not working (overtime) or not spending some time with the missus.
Here is a shorter video of those pvp moments.
Hope you'll like it.

Jul 7, 2014

WOD snapshotting mechanics change

In the new expansion, bleeds will only , explicitly receive + damage from Tiger's Fury and from Bloodtalons for the durations. Damage trinkets will not retain the plus damage for the duration when they expire.

example: bleed starts with plus agi trinkets for 10 seconds. agi trinket lasts for 5 secs. first 5 second bleed will ticket 10k damage, rest 5 seconds will tick 6k.

this does not affect feral skills and talents. those will snapshot.