Dec 29, 2009

Dec 26, 2009

Merry Xmas! #2


Nevermelting Ice Crystal
Equip: Increases spell power by 111.
Use: Increases your critical strike rating by 920 (20.04%) for 20 sec. Every time one of your non-periodic spells deals a critical strike, the bonus is reduced by 184 critical strike rating. (3 Min Cooldown)
Just got my hands on this, and while i know this is a caster trinket (i have a trinket collecting madness) equipped for a feral it gives a minor ColdBlood effect for the next attack.

Using it, and with idol proc up i have 79% crit:)

A fun thing, but take note the effect's stack reduced with every auto attack hit, so time your fero.bites:P

Dec 25, 2009

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Hereby i state that COD6 is the BEST fps game i have EVER PLAYED.

I just cant put it into words how awesome it is.



Merry Xmas!

-shortvid inc-

Frost mage duels more or less completed, thanks to Kefux and to Screamxd. As you can see h2f status will be updated from now on. Thank you for your patience and for your support, and i wish you all a very happy christmas:)

Dec 24, 2009

Cinema 2009

Renee Olstead - Skylark (jazz)

Hehe maybe i got some issues but i don't only listen to trance :P I am a hC fan of Jamiroquai and of Renee Olstead since i listened to her first album. The second once is just as fabulous :P Sweet, light music for some laid back, relaxing times.

If you don't like jazz, then first pic is just for you as an apology xD
Btw 2k in 3v3.

Dec 23, 2009

Eviscerate X

It is out, and i cannot wait till i get home to watch it! :P
(Free is already KO'd somewhere in front of the monitor, or on his knees taking care of his Akrios shrine in the corner xD)


If you did see Rocknroll Pigtails a couple of weeks back on ESL, then you may know what i am talking about:)

Teams with resto druids (WLD perhaps) can be really forced into defensive with this simple strat. Free starts on resto with CS+Gouge+Kidney while i go all out on lock. If we can't force a trinket on the druid in the first 13 seconds of lockdown (than i am bad) blind, rog joins me on lock and I cyclone the (now absolutely sure) trinket use on resto.

I cant be gripped (DK) away cuz i am not using feral charge with opening (hello catstep), warrior can't root me down and i even can use instant cyclone on the third member of the enemy team or on lockpet to negate soulink damage reduction.

Most of the times my priest is totally free to dispel, do damage or do whatever he wants, we are quickly on the offensive and we are controlling the game from start to finish.

We did lose 4 games today though against Badrasta's RMP. Badrasta is playing with his rogue partner for a long time, and they simply blow us up with perfect gameplay. What we have to do is to coordinate our teamplay even better, but so far i am very pleased with the fresh team and with the teammembers.

We are actually having a lot of fun, which is the most imnportant thing playing wow!

Dec 22, 2009


some matches today:) Lots of double healer warriors, but i could lock down the resto's till Tilly and Free looked out for the priest. We only lost 1 match out of 10~.

We did lost a few games against retri rog disc, we played 50-50 i think, and if we count in Free's dc and those other very close games when we actually lost, i think we did quite well overall.

We are around 1850~ now and definitely going for more.

After a hectic couple of days, i am finally alone at home. My gf is not pregnant (ye we had some excitement over her period), THANK GOD and my parents are on some roadtrip (no more snow shoveling for a few days!).

Ofc i have to work (i almost always have to) even when it is Xmas time but I do 5 hours a day, it's really not that bad. I have quite a few things to post about, if i get home i will get to it:)

Dec 20, 2009

The first rule of Fight Club...

Snow - no glad this season?

i mean SNOW. It has piled up for 15 cm's in one night. I spent hours shoveling at home and at my parent's house, and rarely got to work in time. 12 hours today as well argh, im afraid no arena yet again:(
Xmas really keeps me busy, i only can hope i will be avaible for some games tomorrow..(and i dont want to lose our priest to inactivity.:( )

If something will prevent me from getting a gladiator title, it will be IRL once again. :/

But life is life, and i have to care about ours.

Dec 18, 2009

Ashen Verdict dps ring

My next gearupgrade is gonna be:

ashen I am changing my +92 hit rating pvp trinket for the resilience one, and regemming some extra +hit, once i will have my hands on this baby.

Proc is 1ppm, with a 10%~ proc chance on hit. 480 ap is simply too good to pass on.

PW Shield (note to myself)

"In PvP, this spell can be a huge boon to bestow on Rogues and Feral Druids. Any damage taken will unstealth a character. However, if you Power Word: Shield a Rogue, AoE damage that doesn't get through the shield is absorbed, which greatly increases the difficulty of finding a Rogue by laying down an AoE. Power Word: Shield will also absorb the damage from DoT's, allowing DoT'd Rogues to Vanish safely. Just know that if the AoE or DoT damage is greater than the shield will take, then the actual character will take damage and stealth will become undone." - Wwiki

Dec 17, 2009

Post patch thoughts

First, I WANT TO PLAY ARENA. Arrgghhh:) But we couldnt for a week, everybody is very busy, i just completed my thesis work, Free and Tilly also have school things to care about. On top of that Xmas craziness is here too (not that i complained yesterday when i had to go shopping with teh girls. You know, hot 20yo~ with lingerie tryons, umm yes do want more lolz) Anyway i am hoping to play some games this saturday, i really want to cleave out some qq tickets this weekend. imageOther things. Rogues 3.3 - Envenom build

This is just hardcore. Huge buff, huge damage increases. The likeliness of applying Deadly Poison is now around 50% when talented and used corectly, even without every key talents it makes sure you will have a poison on ticking for ~1.1k’s every 2 seconds.image Finisher envenoms hit targets for 4-6-8k critz, and bearform and heavy armor is totally ignored. Partial resist are rare and very little. Now i am forced to play even better than ever, against an opening rogue. Contrary to vids where ferals start with bearform, i always go cat and risk the saps in a duel (which are, 70% of the times do land on me) against a rogue.image Now, that bearform is even more useless than before, i am forced to go out and attack in cat. With two evasions up, that is quite a difficult thing to do. I am trying to play with cat form sprint – travel and range while my abolish clears at least 2 stacks of poison. Free knows what i am trying to do, and it makes almost impossible to pull off (that is what i like, cuz i am a mazochist idiot, and i want to try against all odds anyway:D). Many times i have to depend on clutch pyro rockets and FC’s to prevent restealths, and time my Shadowmeld perfectly. I will probably make a short vid out of the duels and keep the better ones for the movie. image

Dec 16, 2009

Scarecrow feral movie

My Rig (mobile pic lq)

Simple, powerful. Logitech Revolution + Logitech G15 keyboard, best controllers i have ever played with. I just bought a solid Razer mousemat too, was cheap but it is still very dependable.
Inside there is a gigabyte mofo with 7.1 sound and all extras + Amd Phenom x2 720 BE 3.2ghz~ + radeon 4850.
(aaand there is a feral tiger in the pic somewhere! omg)

Dec 14, 2009


We played 14-3(1dc) last night with our brand new 3v3 team (feral-rogue-priest). The comp is insane, very very strong and has a lot of cc's.

Free was throwing around awesome saps before and during fights, communication and morale was insane good.

We were blowing up people in globals, and even in long, good fights, against double healer teams we managed to collect many points. Heavy training on the warrior, mana burn on paladin and various cc's on shaman won all the games for us. In one of the games, i successfully bashed shaman cast, feral charged another from paladin and killed warri with Free in a moment.

Envenom build damage is through the roof, even i have problems against it (6-7k envenoms on bearform, 1.1k dot ticking).

I am very happy with this team, and with the teammembers. Tilly is a solid priest and i finally have someone, who totally knows what he and the enemies can do in pvp.


Upcoming feral vid

My good friend, Dream just told me yesterday he is soon to be ready with his new feral vid.
It is much anticipated, and i can tell him it is gonna be posted on this very site for sure! :)
gif gif!

Weapon switch macro vid

Full post here.

Dec 13, 2009

What is TSG?

strat quotes from AJ
"paladin stuns healer, healer trinkets.
paladin stuns healer, DK silences healer, squishiest target dies"

"CC rotation is, charge priest HoJ priest, bladestorm priest, strangulate priest and warrior fears to confuse priest team members "

Dec 12, 2009

3.3 Envenom spec by Kalimist

3.3 post thoughts


Scourge Strike got nerfed only 2 days after the release of patch. It dealt physical and shadow damage at the same time, and sometimes both critted foran overall damage of 14k~. I feel a bit bad for them though, they got nerfed pretty hard in the last months.

COI: There is some bug which prevents it to apply more than 1 target. Blues stated it is not working as it should so a quick fix is on the way.


Conflag dmg got tuned down a bit, but they are still as dangerous as ever. The conflag dot is capable of critting, and overall burst is only a bit lower.

Elemental shamans

Elemental Mastery now gives a 15% haste for 15 seconds. I am pretty sure this is a buff and not a nerf;) Lava burst still hits for the same insane amount, and Fire Nova stun is removed. Instead when glyphed, every type of Fire Totem can be used to trigger a new spell, Fire Nova for a quite high amount (3-4k noncrit) damage with a 3 SEC CD. It triggers gcd, doesnt need LOS cost ~1k mana. So look out for its placement!

Shadow priests

are so dmn HC now. DT and VT benefits from haste now, dots are ticking so fast most times you will be gasping how much burst do they have now. Imp. DT deals 3k’s upon debuff, spammable. Mind numbing poison bugged out with the new hasted DT and VT, it actualy increases their duration, rather then slowing down the occurance of ticks. (fix is inc)


Explosive trap with trap mastery and decent stats now deals around 1k noncrit, 1.5k crit tick. Hunters not really want to spend talent points on the thing even less using a trap glyph, but it could happen to you.

3.3 feral weapon swap macros (with commentary video lolz!)

So after some testing i am sure, that automated weapon and idol swapping is a prohibited action while in combat.

You can still swap weapons, but it triggers some nasty and extra GCD’s now. Let me show you what i am talking about.

---innc video---

Still there is a problem with this. If you are pressing it while not in gcd, you shift and your weapons wont be swapped until you press the shift macro again.

So you have to spam it to be sure. Still it is not so big of a problem because i rarely swap to healing anyways.

The macros i am using are (i exluded the wrath spell command part, ):

/cast [modifier:alt] Wrath
/use [nostance:1]!Dire Bear Form
/equip [stance:1] Relentless Gladiator's Staff
/equip [stance:1] Idol of Mutilation

Dec 9, 2009

Bugs and goodies

make note i didnt get to test these... yet, but there are some AJ and wowforum posts about them.

Druids cannot shift out of spell reflected roots.
No DR on Roots, every time it lasts for 10 seconds, target becames immune after the 3rd cast as intended though
Catswipe doesnt work onmage pets but bearswipe does.

The things i tested.
You can still pounce/ravage a deflectioned hunter from stealth.
I ditched my old shifting macros, and started using new ones like

/use [nostance:1]!Dire Bear Form
Now, spamming this when you get stunned in cat for example, wont accidentaly shift you out to caster anymore (most annoying thing when you are focused on). You stay in the current form, when freezing trapped or kidneyed.

Infected wounds is in the physical category from now on. image

You can apply it on CLOSed rogues and on AMSd DK's.

The new LFG system is flashy, useful and is a nice addition. I love the new map system as well.

I do not like though the UI changes, which rendered addons like Outfitter, Itemrack and Closetgnome near useless. Being in combat and swapping weapons and idols somehow is slower and with these addons are not working. (all this to prevent rogues from poison swapping)

Now i do use a mangle idol in bear, and Shred idol in cat, (yeah i know idol swapping is bad, resets you swing timer ..>>bad bad bad. do not do this especially if you are pve, stick to the Idol of Mutilation) and sometimes i even swap to healing wpns and idol when in caster. I am still not sure if this only a temporary problem or something i have macro my way through.

New dungeons are cool, scripted events are cool, but of course these will fade into boredom soon.(old stratholme event anyone?)

Oh and there some rumours that Scourge Strike is buffed, i still have to check that out tomorrow.

3.3 Addon survival guide

click click


"Cat Anti-Cat/Rogue Opener a.k.a. "Ghetto Sap"

/cleartarget [noexists, stealth]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/use [stealth] Pounce; Rake
/use [nostealth] 10
/cleartarget [noexists, stealth]

* Will Pounce anything in range but clear ranged targets, fire up hand tinker if not stealthed and use Rake out of stealth. Spam this when searching for that elusive rogue or cat. Not entirely sure how it works, but it does. Starmist credit for the idea, Coldbear for the successful addition of Rake. Might be a few too many modifiers, but ...yeah. "


not only devs changed the API, and i cant use my itemrack and idol swapping anymore (not even with macros)
but leaving a heroic grp earlier(work) forced me to wander around in ghost form, cuz reentering the dungeon wont rez me, and my corpse is nowhere to be found!

hurrayyy 3.3!

<3 wowhead for listing the spirit healer places!

"Then let them COME"

3.3 loot

Trinkets , trinkets

Herkuml War Token

Deathbringer's Will

Needle-Encrusted Scorpion

full loot list here:

Dec 8, 2009

Random bg's

i had some bg footages from Justicar title farm. I think quality is pretty good, i am sticking to the current encoding options from now on:)

this 1:30m vid took 3 hours to get encoded though o.O :P

Dec 5, 2009

Tankz is on a crusade!

E-hero Tankz hates ferals with a burning passion. I only know the (h)eman since 4 days, but the way he talks about us is priceless:D

[11:20] rezzick: ferals can go die in an atomic fire with Tankz eating marshmellows roasted by their burning corpses.
[11:21] Tankz: he's right th

ah its good to know, we are not so weak atm.

btw Tankz mom scolding Tankz on Xfire live stream was my favourite moment of the week. BAD BOY xD

Dec 4, 2009

HTF 2 infos

So i just wanted to give you a heads up about the project. Bad news first.

I am very sad but it is gonna take a little more time to finish the movie. I will be ready to release it somewhere around January. I have to focus more on my thesis work atm, and on the final exam coming up just in early January.

Good news. Movie is going to be released in high quality, in resolution 1280x960, with comments with nice looking fonts. There were some requests to include open pvp and bg’s (again)not just arenas, so i will work on that. There also will be duels, all in exotic exploration places, including some unique fighting moves. Music choice is vocal trance, all very delightful tunes.

Tbh i am very excited about it, and i want it to be perfect. Even i am still a young feral, and nowhere a pro, I will give my best to make it meet your expectations.

Thank you for your patience, and for your support.

Addon spotlight: FbN & Snowfall

An interesting, very helpful addon to maximize dps. Tracks temporary buffs, and procs, helps out with suggestions for the next move. It could be a very good starting pve addon if you wanna dish out some serious damage and learn how to do it.

The second addon i want to introduce, is Snowfallkeypress. It makes abilities function, they rather activated on key press rather then releasing the key. It does speed up things, and i found it very useful in pvp situations. My formshifting is definitely quicker, and in hectic fights every fragment of second counts.

Nov 26, 2009

Diminishing returns table

from Wowwiki


a bit outdated here and there, but still gives a great overview of DR

Nov 24, 2009

ESL Intel Extreme Master Championship review – Day 1

You can look at the current standings at

Very good matches. Some thoughts on them.

I. ROX vs Pincho.Wow RMP  3-1

ROX’s RMP put out insane pressure on Pincho’'s paladin every match. First 2 matches on Bades Edge, and on the second fight awesome Mass Dispel at the moment the pally bubbled. Pincho won 1 Dalaran arena match and saved some face.

II. X6tence vs. Rocknroll Pigtails 3-2 H-DK-Palavs Ferl-Rog-DPriest

The first match (Nagrand) Feral-rog simply blew up the DK in a few second. They did such a bestial dps everybody was just gasping. 0-1

The second match Evleh was gibbed due to some combined, very tough, payback X6 dps. 1-1

Third match was quite long, many cc’s, Evleh under pressure. He struggled around the Nagrand pillars, somehow survived. Bloódx’s cds were consumed in the first few minutes, and after that he simply couldnt survive. 2-1

4th match, Ruins. Quick sap on paladin, but divine sac is already up so it breaks. Cyclone on pala now, nice cc’s. Evleh is going down hard, but psyhic scream cd just fades and he survives with the X6 team feared. Switch on Hunter, and after deterrence he goes down. 2-2

5th and a very very close match. Hard start on DK, expose armor up too. X6 on priest, RP switches to hunter. Priest goes down a bit sooner, but even after that, for loong seconds hunter crawls around with only 1k hp. Finally paladin outheals him. 3-2


Random matches feral-mage

we just fooled around in skirmish, but tbh i kinda like the setup:)

Nov 22, 2009

Draintrain 3v3

a not too old vid. WLD.

Huns on wow tournament

Finally, some fellow national players are going on to the next wow european championship. Draintrain and Lopakodoo were Blackout firsts several times and seasons. I've played against them, and all i can say they are scary with their perfect gameplay. I will be rooting for them, some really enjoyable matches are guaranteed.(hydra kalimist! omgomg)

Nov 21, 2009

Star Trek Gag Reel

I loved this little compilation just as much i loved the new movie itself! Fun!

Nov 18, 2009

How to Feral 2 – sneak peek


trick #42 – “Cat Vanish”
Restealth on demand. Situational, only usable in world pvp or in duels. Needs a low hp, quickly killable mob in close vicinity. Focus this mob. During fight check your stealth-prowl cd, time a quick kill on the focused mob (oneshot it if you can) with focus spell kill, or with engineering. You leave combat even youre engaged with the enemy player, and you can restealth.

Most of my creative energies are channeled into my thesis work atm, but as a little appetizer, this short video introduces one of the many tricks you can expect in HTF2.

Nov 17, 2009

How to Feral 2: sneak peek inc

So im making a short vid to introduce what you can expect in the next installment of the HTF series (well wannabe series). It consist (only) 1 trick which is not widely known, but very very useful if you are out there fighting world pvp or duels.
What you need is mediocre situational awareness, nothing serious, im sure you will be able to pull it off just like me, or even better.

Oh and how many other tricks i collected for the movie already you ask?

41 more.

Curious yet?

Stay tuned, im just starting editing.

Once feral, always feral

Nov 16, 2009


This beauty is a musthave for a hardcore collector like myself:) (im getting it around xmas with some other goodies)


well waohh the last 2 days were tough. i worked 12 hours yesterday, worked on my thesis work whenever i got the chance. arrived at home around 11~, then started to work out till 1:30am. yoga X rawr.

gf was sick so she couldnt join me, instead she sit the couch and watched me smiling while i was sweating like a pig.

tony , p90x you are bastards. but awesome workouts:)

today, well today i just got home, my coat is still on me, and i haven’t eat a hot meal yet. im tired i spent most of the day measuring wifi signals, and updating database for the thesis work.

i got repaired my car’s door completely today, i couldnt turn the keys in it, so it is there. brand new, i even found a new one with the right color!

i bought a few visual tuning things too, but i still havent come around to screw them into the right places.

if there is any arena today, im not sure i will want to play. i would rather just take a shower watch some tv series episodes and read some good fantasy books (erevis cale triology ftw).

oh yeah and im glad i have so much to do. i have jobs, i have many assignement, work, im healthy and you know what i feel okay.

im okay.

cu tomorrow

Nov 13, 2009


8-2. 2027 quick. ahh good games finally.
also im running with resi gear in 3v3 now. 1k resi and still decent dps. also changed my SR glyph to berserk. insane pressure why was i hanging onto sr glyph cant say. /shy

my 2 main sets now (ignore 120 HR on resi, im getting the 50hit rating necklace soon; and now i am using hit rating wg trinket instead-> 1k resi)

Nov 12, 2009

Ptr items

They look promising.

Needle-Encrusted Scorpion
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 80
Item Level 232

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 114 (2.48% @ L80).
Equip: Chance on melee or ranged critical strike to increase your armor penetration rating by 452 for 10 sec.

Band of Stained Souls
Binds when picked up
+67 Agility
+67 Stamina
Requires Level 80
Item Level 232

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 50 (1.09% @ L80).
Equip: Increases attack power by 89.
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 36 (2.92% @ L80).


Idol of the Crying Moon
Binds when picked up


Requires Level 80
Item Level 264

Equip: The periodic damage from your Lacerate and Rake abilities grants 44 Agility for 15 sec.  Stacks up to 5 times.

Nov 10, 2009


i am writing my thesis work, and this will surely limit my playtime in wow. The second movie probably will come a bit later, and only after that i sorted out several other irl things as well. Sorry.
blogging will continue as usual.

Nov 7, 2009


-Im gonna dream about fat asian kids with dr pepper bottles in hand screaming and chasing me. fk
-Reckful fought well, but B.Bashers are just disgustingly good.
-Hero class kiting ftw, poor Woundman spent looong seconds rooted.

Dragon Age: Origins

I loved Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege and Mass Effect. But i loved most the Baldur's Gate series, and haven't played a game this good since then.

100 amazing druid tips - 2009 (and counting!)

Nov 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Well i think sex appeal has a large role in my arena success, the other team is usually too busy fondling themselves to my amazing night elf body, instead of focusing on the game."

Nov 4, 2009



Otherworld glitch

This is around for some time now, so i thought i give it a try. Basically you travel to northrend, mount up your flying mount on ship or on zeppelin as soon as world map travelling fades. (avoid contact with land) Get to a location, fly high as possible, use this macro to DC:

/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;

Log back on (sometimes you have to try several times), and if all worked then you are in a '”parallel” wow universe. Avoid contact with water now, cuz its gonna dc you instantly.

Please handle this with discretion, thank you for Order of the HIdden Eye and MMowned.

A vid showing you how it is done:

Oct 28, 2009

PTR: PS fix


  • Predatory Strikes: The Predatory Swiftness buff from this talent now has an 8-second duration.


Good to know there are still developers looking out for us. Im not saying this is great but hey.. 8 sec actually gives you some time to plan ahead and with in a fight.

SO, thank you Blizz.

Visit in Orgrimmar

3 rogues and 1 feral.

Lots of enemy rogues and hordies looking for us. We even had one low lvl horde spotter BE palading on vent (i loved when i mc capped him, his friends killed him instantly lol) and lots of lots of fun!

2 calm shamans throwing practice heals on themselves. 4 stealthers gibbed them in a second then bambam 3 vanishes – rocket boots-sm-prowl.


Oct 27, 2009

Stargate Universe

the following picture contains no reasons im watching the show


none at all.

Oct 26, 2009

Proof Feral's are overpowered

Leaving the RAGE train

ah this kinda action always makes me smile when playing cod 4

PTR: PS nerf explained, All aboard the RAGE TRAIN

We made the change to discourage a very specific form of gameplay. Specifically, this was:

1. Get the proc, but don't use it.
2. Build up 5 more cps on the target.
3. Now Cyclone before you do another finishing move.
4. Let your energy fill to full.
5. As soon as the Cyclone ends, unleash a huge Ferocious Bite with 5 cps and full energy.

Aside from the very high damage of an almost unpreventable Ferocious Bite, this way of using the proc worked counter to what we were trying to encourage. It's often easy for melee classes to get tunnel vision and just unleash every attack on the same target rather than switching targets or otherwise responding to what is going on in the fight. We'd rather see the proc get used to Cyclone say a healer or someone chasing your teammates.

In short, the intent was to give cats more team utility, not to give them a delivery mechanism for guaranteed full Ferocious Bites. With this change it will be risky or impossible to sit on the proc for long.

Lead Systems Designer

I swear this guy hates us. I am simply cannot put my disappointment into words. This theory fails so badly, when there are so overpowered wizard cleaves are running around they dont even have to toss 1 fucking cc during the fight. 5 second duration? Useless. I proc the buff with my finisher (which means -1 second gcd already) throw in some lag and you are there with only 3 seconds to find some in 20 yards to throw this shit on. But throw it fast boy, dont even look around of there is an already hand shaking bladestorm ready warrior on your back or a rogue just waiting to kidney you for that nice incoming shatters. You want to chain it with the team cc? Forget it, it is gonna be more annoying than useful now. A world pvp buff. Great for duels!

I cant believe this guy is a lead designer. He POSTS an OVERCOMPLEXED strategy HE IS WORRIED ABOUT. Woah! Yeah thank god i just walk up to that target get that 5 cp - SR finisher- proc that once again get 5 cp (while enemy is standing still ofc) CYCLONE HIM THEN ACTUALLY "
Let your energy fill to full" ahhahahahahaaa like theyre gonne let that happen and GO FOR A DEVASTATING FB! 9k! and i spent all my energymy TF and all that time for this...

Oct 22, 2009

“You’re on your own bro” xD

No way i was gonna help him:D Check the minimap!safa also you can see what how he acts the dumb priest during prepa time when people asking for buffs:D

Gz on the weapons btw:)

Ooops did it again

so i met this pala popping wings at mine and rushing at me.. well you know me: bleeds and MC are sure win in this situation:P


Oct 21, 2009

Insane LAG

on Bloodscalp and on several other servers too. 10k - 13k ms is standard atm. It is simply unplayable. (we started 2v2 haha but we couldnt open on targets for like 5-6 seconds even when standing ON them-->> gotta play later)

blue quote from wow-europe forums

Sorry it took some time to get a reply, we have been looking into the reports posted on the forums, we’ve received reports of an outage in the European network which will cause some network traffic issues for some of our players. This was reported by the provider themselves and they’re already at work on correcting this as soon as possible.

As soon as we have more information we will let you know.

Edit: Note that this outage may not account for all cases of latency reported.

[ Post edited by Gelmkar ]

Oct 20, 2009

Still around

sorry for the lack of updates, im sorting out some irl problems atm.
also, a drunk driver wrecked the right side of my car, so i have paper- and repairwork to do.
will be back asap.

Oct 18, 2009

Spot on

A dev comes across 2 bridges, one is broken and one is fine. "That's not fair" he says to himself "Can't have one being better than the other". The developer takes a hammer and smashes the working bridge. “

Oct 17, 2009

PTR yet another mage buff


* Frozen Core: This talent now also causes Ice Lance critical strikes to reduce the cast time of the mage’s next Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt by 0.4/0.7/1 seconds.

With Icy Vein and other stacked haste effects, frostmages already casting with <1.6 sec frostbolts. This is gonna be too much of a buff. Half second frostbolts, each of them capable of critting 6-8k on resilienced targets?

No i dont think so.

HW upg done

Phenom II 720 BE ~>3.2Ghz
Gigabyte MA785UDH2 with 7.1sound
Sapphire Radeon 4850
memory, corsair psu rawr

graphics are simply awesome, i just ran around for a half an hour in wow enjoying the new shiny effects and surfaces. call of duty 4 is something new too, 1280x960 full HD and no lagging or any problem at all. happy kitty.

its time to start recording next week (i am working atm, and it is my birthday tomorrow!)

Oct 15, 2009

HW upgrading

edit1:PSU failed me.
All parts are assembled and ready to go and this happens..
i hope its only the psu nnot the mobo.. and/or they replace it tomorrow.
everything is coming together!

Oct 14, 2009

How to Feral 2 / HW upgrade

I already have a A4 page full of ideas. I will start frapsing very soon, im just waiting for my new computer (see below).

I tried out several things in the past month.

We are talking about catstepping death grips, a new kind of mountain climb, focuspulling mob before incoming blind and so on!

I also have some new unique tricks, and i am testing some new ones too.

For example, hunters like to parachute disengage all the time, i tried catstep parachuting on midair enemies:P You cant really activate anything while in mid-air, during catstep, and even with activating parachute before you will land behind the enemy.. hehe but this is just one thing, i am testing several others atm, trying to make “feraling” a bit similar to rogue fightstyle/art.


My home comp is pretty old, so im upgrading cpu for amd phenom II 720 BE and changing other hw’s as well. So HTF2 is coming with hq resolution and high fps recordings. Im gonna be offline for a few days, till i get all parts i need and till i assemble the comp!

Stay tuned!

Oct 13, 2009

not another Disc movie

and no its not, or at least not fully disc. hybrid holy/disc with some unique playstyle and scenes. loved it.

Oct 12, 2009





60-26. time t go to sleep:)

Tier 10 4 setbonus yummie

Rake critting and improved Enrage in bear is simply awesome. Too bad you have to sacrifice 380~ resilience to get it. (and invest lot of time to actually farm it)

Oct 8, 2009

Tier 10 Druid Gear Design


I really like the colours, but im not a big fan of the helm looks. The set bonuses are:


Tier feral 4setbonus is just the best bonus ever. Too bad gearing up for it in pvp enviroment would mean –15% speed in forms and a lot less resilience. But Rake critting?.. hell yes.

Oct 7, 2009

Working out

Health is not overrated. Since i finished all exams I am trying to get back into shape with running three times a week and working out every night.
I decided i need a more tasking exercise plan and diet, so i'm joining my friend's p90x adventure. 90 days of vigorous training, which can easily drive you mad :)

Im not hopeless atm but im not happy with certain areas. So it is time to get my shit together and work on it. "Never ever quit" as they say, i suspect it is gonna be hard but rewarding.
okay offtopic and ramblings out~

Cleave vs. RMP

My job and is my duty to quote something of a tactic against RMP's as a melee cleave. Posted by Mewnfare, one of the best.
Originally Posted by Latino View Post

against RMP i lost 6 times yterday, i tried going priest as u said... and they don't go war, they go me. i stun the rogue, i can get the cyclone off on him, but the mage chain polys my pally and i never get heals, then he is counter spelled, i interrupt frostbolt each 15 sec, basically they force me on bear, my war only goes on the priest, sometimes he goes rogue to peel him off me coz i can't even cyclone with rogue on me... what are we doing wrong?
if you are on the priest, and they are on you, the pally should be chain sac early in the game(so he cant get sheeped), you should get the open on the priest, have your warrior try to shout the rogue out.

sit on the priest, when rogue gets on you, trinket kidney, and get freedom AFTER youre done being stunned. if you get blinded, pally bops you, when you get freedom, warrior blade storms, you drop priest before the 2 sacs wear off. if you arent killing the priest within that time, probably a gear problem or you are doing something wrong, usually a bash or maim in the bladestorm seals the deal. if you dont have freedom,and they are on you, your warrior needs to be on the mage to innterupt till freedom is back and you switch to the priest, unless the mage is low, and save FC till after the blink for the mage if you are on him.

mainly, focus less on cc vs rmp, they will always win the cc game, you need to force them defensive and keep it that way till the priest or mage is dead."

words of wisdom my friends, words of wisdom.

Oct 6, 2009

Spell damage atm

It has became very popular recently. No mortal strike effect but you dont really need one, you just nkeep on nuking.
What really bothers me, wizard cleave members dont even cc, at least not the DD members. The healer often toss a Hex or P.Scream, because he is so free of pressure he dont even has to heal the party. While somebody on the other team is constantly dieing.

Train the feral, collect the points.

Very sad and very true. We have almost no defense against spell damage, barkskin and protector of the pack is weak/not popular.

The best you can do, is to split dps and cc on each of the enemy DD members. This requires a certain amount on independence, a god knowledge of your class and of the enemy's. A real challenge, a real test of skill. It is very easy to die, very easy to make mistakes.

I find it a bit disturbing that Destro lock damage is above the roof. I often wear 800~ resilience and i still receive 8k+8k bursts in 1 second. Chaos bolt , instant Incin from melee dmg and conflagrate is something that should be redesigned.

It is the same with Lava Burst. I mean with Lava Burst not consuming Flame Shock, which without any setbonuses lasts about 20~ seconds and makes the shamans job a whole lot easier.

And RMP is still going strong.

I am not playing arena for a few days, i have a lot to do and i dont like to quarrel over stupid things with friends and arenapartners out of frustration(not mine). My motto is try to enjoy the unbalanced, yet very fun game we are playing and keep your friends close and dont say mean things to them (not me again). Better to have people you have to depend on rather to make enemies out of them. Hello Callof Duty 4 and Gears of War HC with Zordok:)

Oct 3, 2009

Remote Desktop over internet

Ever wondered how nice it would be to connect with the powered computer at home and look up some files when needed? Or just check on the downloads?

Lets look at the things we have to set up to get this work.

I have a DSL connection, and between the ADSL modem (provided by ISP) and the computer i also have a Linksys WRT54G imagerouter connected for additional security and services.

DHCP handling is done by the router, with the given username and password (PPPoE connection is used).image I am using the default IP address of the router, which –in most cases- is, but with a modified subnet mask,! This will be important later on.

image To reach my computer through the router i have to specify a static IP address to the desktop workstation, because i am going to use this address in the router configurations to establish a solid and functioning connection between the two. As you can see my static computer ip and my subnet mask is the same i used in the router configuration,!

Also, as gateway(and preferred dns server) i am using the router’s ip address, which is to establish the functioning internet connection.

Now i also have to enable this checked option here, to let me able to connect with the remote desktop service.

image Okay lets stop for a moment. We have a static IP addressed computer connected with a Linksys router which is handling the DSL connection and the DHCP addressing.


We have working internet, and we have enabled other users to remotely connect us when using remote desktop service. Will they be able to do so? Will i be able to connect to my computer from work or from another workstation? Not yet.

Apart from some security things, we simply still cannot “dial” our computer or our router from the internet. The router uses different IP addresses every now and then and it is very difficult to track these addresses from the outside. But we need this information to be able to build the connection. So what to do?

Head to and register(free!). Set up a DNS service , type in the host name you want, and select 'Host with IP address' under service type. Also click 'Use Auto Detected IP Address' to assign your IP now.image 

After all your information has been entered, select 'Create Host'. This should now take you to a list of your Dynamic DNS hostnames. If you want to add more, just click 'Add New Hostname' in the upper right hand corner of the page. Your hostname is now set up! Now lets assign it to your computer.

We will use our new hostname for remote desktop dialing, because this hostservice will always “know” our current IP address.

Just a few more things, so bear with me:)

In the router we have to set up the DDNS service here :image Enter the username and pw and the hostservice address (

Head over to portforwarding and set up a port for the ddns service to be able build a connection with. imageI am using port 3389. So when im gonna “dial” my computer via remote desktop, im gonna use the address “” instead of any ip addresses of my computer (which are different every time just as we mentioned).

Last thing to do, specify a password on my user account. This will be needed for security reasons when connecting with remote desktop.

Now start up the remote desktop service from another internet connected computer, and enjoy remotely managing everything on your home workstation with ease and with relative safety!


Next time i will be posting on how to power up our computer remotely.