Jun 29, 2009


We played some matches finally with Zombi, IRL really destroyed our routine.

Well we are not finished on uber rating, we are on 2009 or so, but as i also told him, we just have to keep playing if we want to win.

We had a 22mins long match against dk / resto, it was a nightmare. Even when we cc’s the druid, dk instantly popped AMZ and rune tap and other defenses. I just couldnt outleash enough damage in that short period of time. They slowly wore us down. Finally druid also went aggressive on me and a 5k scourge strike clubbed me down to the floor.

What i really didnt like, the overlapping desecration effects. The whole floor is often full of point blank dk cast slowing areas.

Even with this loss, we won some exciting matches, and the mood was good too.

Our last match, im going all out with berserk with SA, TF, bleeds on rogue.

WoWScrnShot_062909_205717 He is probably already posting on forums:))

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