Jun 16, 2009

3v3 time

i joined up Ramirrion’s team today, retpala/restodood/feral.

Not a real winner setup, but we can burst:) Combined with some cc it can be pretty deadly.

Maim change really gimps me again healers, its terrible in action. Blizzard really should overlook this, i still believe all it did was destroyed our potential against casters.

WoWScrnShot_061609_111231 Team’s W-L ratio was bad, but now its even at least:)

There were 2 matches, only i stayed alive against 2 enemies. In the first i was hovering on 2% hp and succeed to kill the lock and rogue. Somehow:) It was hilarious though, guys went crazy on vent:))

Second i gibbed a pala and a rog, was fun:) We even won against RMPs, but then again, a few times we couldnt keep up with their insane synergy.

WoWScrnShot_061609_115535Thoky’s team kicked our ass, Bozos has a really bad habit not prehotting and going for a pounce at start?

Against RMP. Hell no you shouldnt do that.

Overall we stopped at 1660~, im really looking forward to the next  game.

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