Jun 14, 2009

Adventures of an old frost mage

Yeah thats right i spent a few hours with my old toon. Mage gamestlye is so much more “fluid” than feral, i almost forgot how easy to pwn with it.


I’m still sad about feral state. Another and another nerf every goddamn week slowly but surely degrading the class back to pretbc.

There was a few weeks when feral was dangerous and searched as arena partners, now its again a rare sight in arena.


I dont even find any consolidation in the upcoming form skins, i want to play a class effectively not for looks.

As i said constant shapeshifting, and the nerfs that FORCE you to do it /interrupt? go bear gain 8yards range feral charge, arrive with no rage gg; cyclone? get stunned in caster get fucked up/ makes feral pvp miserable.


Yes we have insanely good bleeds, but what can i do when i have to spend a lot of time and gcds to buff myself up to use them to their full potential.

This maim change really pissed me off.

More then i thought it would.

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