Jun 9, 2009

Best moments of MLG

/original post from Radikal/
  1. Venruki Ice Blocking at 7 hp, catching a heal, dropping IB and scoring counterkill on Enforcer. (LIKE A BAWS)
  2. Venruki hovering at 5k HP for a LONG couple of seconds against eMG, looking like he's about to block, and then dying for no reason. <3
  3. Pookz counterspelling Minti randomly, and after winning the round anyways, responds to a comment on the counterspell with, "Who won that last round?"
  4. Bucwild being a beast.
  5. Payce dying without bubbling...over and over.
  6. Not Fnatic, EG, or Gravitas. (Pandemic was very good if inconsistent despite the lowish finish)
  7. Yog's thumb. ITS A CATERPILLAR.
  8. Whoever called that fat chick, Snorlax.
  9. Glick's emo commentating. "And Pookz counterspells the hunter, that's not good." "Oh look the wolf's big" "They're getting cleavy"
  10. Payce's real name is, in fact, $.
  11. Not Minti playing shadow dance. (Sorry, <3)
  12. Realz's HUGE clutch divine hymns. (Seriously, he is master of random bullshit hymns)
  13. Pennace juke into divine hymn what.
  14. Didy leaving a game right as his team gets a crosskill for no reason costing them the match. (And then Vhell commenting on it, without realizing mic was on, "I'd punch Didy in the face")
  15. Now look at me. Nice.
  16. Enforcer. Popped collar? Check. Crazy sideways typing? Yup. Best rogue play all tourney? Yup.
  17. Pookz wtfburst. Man pookz is really getting outplayed this round, he has don't shi--- oh he just shattered some rogue's face.
  18. Azael gunner glasses.
  19. Hydra on the offensive.
  20. Not Hydra on the defensive.
  21. "Hafu strat"
  22. Vhell reading the official definition of cleave on air.
  23. Realz.
  24. Payce's play in the first few round robin matches. (Particularly against Complexity)
  25. JP live blogging.

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