Jun 29, 2009

glimpse on season 7 feral gear

i like it.
#arena felt like shit last week. maim change is the worst thing ever happened to my feral, sorry i just feel that way. you are forced to pop out caster to cyclone every goddamn second when its not on dr, fuck up you dps, and give the enemy a chance to go full anal on you in caster.
## slow blogging, we are making some improvements on the house.
###bs ballers - 2v2 from wednesday, i've had enough of the healer/feral combo /at least for now/
####i actually liked terminator 4, and Transformers 2. Micheal Bay really outdone himself, but can i say something like that it was almost a bit too much special effects? i started to get dizzy after the first hour or so. loved the funny parts. gf enjoyed it as well. i mean the movie. at first.

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