Jun 11, 2009

Mage again?

after 6 months of 5 hours sleep, hundreds of thousand of money spent, 24/7 studying i was really looking forward to enjoy the summer.
go out, gym, swim, run, travel and of course play wow n a more serious level, acquiring the glad title for my little furry kitty(and beautiful NE maiden in caster form!)

today i got disgusted again with blizz"s nerf, these are the times when i feel quitting is not a bad idea.

im not going anywhere though, but im considering leveling my mage once again. im gonna faceroll to top 1 with rmp, im still remember how frost mage is played and can be used to fuck up enemies.

i got bored of frostbolting in the past, afterall i started as a mage years ago. i was looking for a challenge in feral and thats why i switched.
but now it is just not fun what developers are doing with druids.

and keeping another level 80 pvp char in these sad fucking times is a big plus.

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