Jun 9, 2009

My dear Chopper, i want you

“What you need:

Titansteel Bar:
These are either made by a miner, if you are one, or can be bought from the AH, they are usually 100g each.
Handful of Cobalt Bolts:
This can be created by you -assuming that you're an engineer-, You will need Cobalt bars to make them, since the create output isn't really specific, you may get 1-3 each time you try crafting, so depending on your luck you will need 80 bars maximum.
Arctic Fur:
These are obtainable through a skinner, they usually sell 10-50g in the AH, you're gonna need 2.
And the rest:

Can be obtained by a merchent in The Stormpeaks, She sells them (in order) for: 3000g // 1000g // 1500g
Note: The Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe is a limited Item.
Note: You can only access the vendor if you are an engineer and already knows how to make the chopper/hog

i hope i’ll have some time later this summer to farm for it. a lot of people already have it and it is still so badass!:)

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