Jul 10, 2009

2v2 – 2201

And with this i believe we are the #1 feral/rogue on the server.

This was our second arena night in this season, but not our first game together;)

1,jpg So many tough and awesome fights. Thoky were exceptional again, gz m8, gz to us:)

I just want to mention a few names, these guys were really really good.

First of all Prodzz http://www.filefront.com/13996699/prodzz%20mage%202v2.wmv and his rogue partner were playing real double dd. They made us disappear in seconds.

Krish and Mindblast. Krish atm is simply better feral than i am. Not that i am okay with it, but i just have to admit it for the time being:)

There were a few anti setups with paladins and dk's too, good fights:)

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