Jul 5, 2009

3.2 recap

i was browsing again, and here are some random thoughts:

-i hate renewed argent crusade shit, grinding is half of this game
-colisseum fights, cheap new content for the masses
-2v2 rating only good for buying some season gear, yuck
-queues for WG, automatic banishment if you try to cheat your way in
-disgusting resilience change, reducing all dmg. double healer arena teams for the win! healers ftw in general.
-dodgeable parriable frost strikes, finally. still unmitigated by armor so no worries dk's
-ChainsofIce reducing speed by 95% instead of 100%. no need to reissue movement commands again
-shorter duration and cd on dk Lichborne
-ferals fucked up again and again and again
-mage invis cannot be interrupted
-pala exorcism usable against players again, art of war reduces its 1.5s casting time to instant
-protection pala buff, cheat death for prot palas yay
-mass totem dropping at once for shammies, gay
-ghost wolf cannot be slowed below 100% speed, gl keeping away ench shammies
-epic gems
.engineering overhaul

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