Jul 22, 2009


Started a new 3v3 with Free and with Skoda tonight/rog-pala-feral/, and i really enjoyed playing with the guys,very good mood, laughs and jokes, quality pvp. /sorry Thoky i didnt play with you tonigh i promised the guys already/

Well it is a disgusting cleave comp, we outcleaved warr-dk-paladins easily. There were some priest-feral-rog, and some mirrors too, and those were the matches i really shined with awesome cc’s ^^’.

Against RMP's we won 10 out of 12 matches.. Basically you avoid saps, and you gib priest with some QQ proccing pressure.

There were a few target switches here and there. In one RMP match i switched to rog. And here is the cropped combat log pic.


19543 damage in 2 globals.


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Anonymous said...

And we decided on saturday or something like that , we are going to play at tuesday evening... no problem