Jul 13, 2009


Feral's, just like me are tend to open with pounce. Talented it gives a comfy 4 sec offDR stun which gives plenty of time to build up combo points even throw up some bleeds on the target.
Proddz insane burst openings the other day made me thinking though.
Even devs are trying to force us not to able to burst there are still some options to exploit.
Darkmoon card:Death and Pyro rocket are a great solutions to this, just as you can see below.
I open with ravage, trinket procs, i pyro rocket and TF rake for an almost sure Ferocious Bite crit, then i use my finisher.
It takes 4 seconds.

Just like Pounce do.
Just imagine this with a good rogue on your side. Enemy is on the defensive instantly.

21k dmg. With only 4 CP.

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