Jul 16, 2009

Hot / Cer's green Fire 4

its around 40 celsius over here, killer weather, and i have to work outside today arggh. if youre the only guy in the family you have to suffer and thats it:P
and to top things i also went running this morning (gf stayed in bed of course, rawr bite bite) and the time i got back i was kinda crawling meter by meter xD

oh i recorded some footages for HowtoFeral, but there are some mistakes in it /pounceing on IB, he popped it at the same time really!QQ/ and yet i might even include them in the vid. im only human, im making mistakes and everybody can learn from it just like from the other tips and uber tricks. i dont want to make the vid too "steril" and perfect. it wouldnt be "real".

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