Jul 13, 2009

How to feral / BS Ballers trickvideo #3

I am happy to announce that i have not 1 but 2 feral videos in the making.

How to feral / BS Ballers aim is to show what a feral can do dealing damage, crowd controlling enemies in pvp environment.

It includes many basic and advanced tips how to be dangerous, how to improve your situational awareness and use useful macros efficiently. It will more or less reflect my experiences as a feral, and i intend to record real pvp situations just like duels with some good players and friends.

I already have many things in mind i want you to know or witness through feral eyes.
Music will probably be trance again, so those who dont like it just bear with us, i will make it up to you in content.
It will take 1-2 weeks to finish the movie, so get ready.

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