Jul 5, 2009

Hungary 2009 july

BG story:The Magyar Gárda is a selfproclaimed military and hungarist community, often acting arbitrarily to crimes and ideological attacks against the so called nation of Hungary.
There were some arrest in the last days, and you can see the Gárdamembers and of their supporters seizing the Rákoczi square in Budapest.
Imho the chaotic political and economical situation in this country converted many disappointed people into rebels, and a lot of them joined the Gárda in hopes of letting know the world and our leaders that somethings is not working.
They shouldnt have.
The Gárda is a sick realization of shallow and military concepts, not ready to represent hungarian people needs and problems.
The police is dancing on the edge, they cannot act to physically and independentaly, they are under constant inspection for brutality (sometimes for a reason yes) yet they have to keep the order, somehow.

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