Jul 19, 2009

Radikal on Harry Potter

This guy is my hero.

“Does anyone think that this whole Tom Riddle->Voldemort the evil thing might just be the product of being snogged as a kid by Dumbledore?
I thought snog = make out but this fantasy land where teens are only interested in second base kind of confuses me. If you can't be special orgasm friends (sof), wtf is the point? Oh my god I have hormones and they're telling me to...hold your hair? Actually, there was a blatant quasi BJ between Ginny and Harry that started with the old your-shoe's-untied and don't tell me I'm a perv pedo for reading that shit in cuz Davey Yates held that frame for like 5 seconds and 95% of the audience thought Harry was about to whip that shit out.
Speaking of pervy pedoness, has anyone see the Emma Watson photoshoot where she dresses up as Lolita? This is from the shoot:

There's a few others that run with the Lo theme more hardcore. She's a cutey but I hope she finds legit roles not just slutty roles to prove she's "mature." Sup Jessica Biel. Either way, her life at Columbia will probably be fucking hell and she should probably just wear a tracksuit and a Nixon mask at all times to avoid fags like me. "Yo Emma, you do your psych homework yet? I didn't get the part about summoning your Patronus. Help a nigga out, girl. WHAT? You mad? Uh oh, you might Stupefy me! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Don't go cry on the stairs."”

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