Jul 20, 2009


i fixed the roof today, we had a very big storm over here the day before yesterday. im kinda tired but happy to tell you vid is about ~35% ready.
yeah i know a lot of you is disappointed, but it will worth the wait i promise:)
im just adding some effects to part 1 here and there, and swapping musics for part 2 on which i still havent decided.

today was the first day i finally managed to kill HC magister terrace's 3rd boss(es) by myself. it was very hard, but i got lucky no rogue nor shaman on the enemy "team". i f.charged the mage now and then and kept the bleeds up on the warr. hunter, engineer.
no chocobo drop on last boss though:)
but i still got the raptor and im loving it! funky eyes, awesome sounds <3
where is the raptor?!

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