Aug 6, 2009

3.2 First impressions

First thing i did logging in, was to check the amount of final damage nerf we suffered.

Shortly, it’s not that bad. Here are some pictures i took before and after patch. (same gear, same trinkets, no procs during test)


SR-5cp RIP on Mangled target



Rake on Mangled target.

Naxxramas 10 man quick run


with PUG, heh.

image Anyway im not sure if this is true, but i had OOM procs me all the time, really felt like they upped the proc chance on that.

I joined up with some friends to try out the trial of the crusader. The instance is fast, action packed with awesome loot and enjoyable encounters. I really liked it, we even made some normal reset runs to gear up an old pal who recently dinged 80.

1st Phase is some jousting on horse, we always start on right npc then dps down the others. When they dismount to fight handtohand, it is a good idea to kill mage, hunter, shaman first then continue.

imagePhase 2 bosses varies each time. The priestess summons a nightmare mob, which has way more hp and dmg, so look out for the switch.image

The paladin likes to cast radiance, which you can negate by turning away from him (yogg-saron anyone?)

There is HOJ and another hammer he can hurl at you for 14~k dmg. (you can throw it back:))

And onto the last boss:


The black knight dies very fast, even he comes back to life 2 more times.

The second time your tank (i often help as offtank) have to look out for a bunch of summoned ghouls. They explode so keep your range when they do.

The third phase: is all out dps time, pop trinkets, heroism, and nuke him down. he has a nasty aoe effect, so avoid long fights.

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