Aug 9, 2009

3.2 pvp /druids-paladins/

I did some battlegrounds/skirmishes, curious about class changes and new playstyles.


Ferals are still strong, the dmg nerf is negligible, and as for all hybrid classes; defense is better, any type healing is way better now. Balance seemed weak as always, they have the damage, they can dish out a decent burst if let to do their job. Problem is they forced to be defensive way to many times, even with the nice typhoon daze effect. Still not strong enough in solo.

Resto druids are another story. With the increased effectiveness of resilience and the recent melee dmg nerfs all around, you have little or no chance to kill a resto druid on your own. I mean a good one. They are just too tough.

And as always there was another LB nerf. This time on the final bloom, decreased 20% healing. I will be honest with you.. LB is a spell now nerfed to oblivion. It was maybe a way too awesome spell in some aspects(rolling LB’s?:P) but the infamous resto usage forced blizzard to change it. And to change it to bad. 950~ mana for a mere 1250~ bloom heal? and even with 3 stack 5000~ (8k on crit)? Welcome to the druidheal of NOURISH.

image Paladins

Forgive me cuz i sinned, i spent a few days over at the paladin forum enjoying the countless tears shed (JT cry me a river slowly fades in):P

Ret pallies changed considerably. But not everyone thinks it is a total disaster. There are rumors around about Seal of Righteousness, which is with 5/5 SotP and SoR glyph is a steady dps choice (although no crits on the extra holy damage). Seal of Command seems bad, but it always deals holy dmg and can crit. I’ve met a good ret pal from Al’Akir, and his class and dps was still viable and very dangerous. The ridiculous burst has been toned down, but i still think there are viability for retadins even a few incoming fixes in the next weeks.

Don’t forget, SoCorr. or vengeance is bad for kitties = less restealths.

Oh and prot paladins. You want to avoid them. Taking them down takes ages and i mean AGES:)

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