Aug 4, 2009

Current state of wow pvp

"Melee perma nerf" said Free to me this morning, and i cant do anything else then agree. It seems ranged and caster classes favored again and again.

I especially disappointed in the frost mage and spriest changes. Giving mortal strike effect to the 2 classes those are already very strong. I just cant understand Blizz, i really cant. Really.

Tomorrow you can take a destro lock(immo-CB-Incin-conflag-shadowburn-repeat) a frost mage(shatter with resilienced pets out, mortal on chill effects) a shadowpriest (critting dots, backslash effect-fu melee,instant dev plag starting dmg) and a bloodlusting shaman (totems, ghost wolf speed,+hp)healer and go 4 dps the shit outta everyone.

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