Aug 2, 2009


Video works slowed down, not just because of the summer heat, but for the reason i go to bed so tired every night.
I have to work A LOT, gf really wants (and deserves) to go on a vacation, and thats gonna cost me:P
Even my car is started to make funny sounds, i better get it checked too.

Still i hope i can finish it in a week or two.

Pirate King from R.A.Salvatore is coming this October, a perfect gift for myself as a HC D&D-Forgotten Realms collector:)


. . . shook its head wildly, and Guenhwyvar went flying away. Then the beast swung its head back into the room with battering ram force at Drizzt, a blow that would have killed him had it hit him squarely.

But no one ever hit . . .


. . . squarely."

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