Aug 3, 2009

Soloing Heroics-raids part 1 - Onyxia

I often solo old heroics or raid zones, going as far as i can. Good money, retro feeling and great challenge.


Killing Ony is easy, even rogues can do it(ofc it is way more difficult to classes without selheal abilities).

Killing trash is just a few minutes, wardens have hp but weak attacks that should not cause any problems to level 80's.

You might wanna focus target ony, and maybe assign a raid sign too. It makes targeting way easier in phase 2.

Phase 1 is tank and spank, you drag him to wall opposite where you entered the cave, far away from the eggs, and thus minimazing the chances you get wing buffeted into them.image

Pop a few hots if you feel like it, and keep up SR’d bleeds.

Phase 2 is not much difficult but it can confuse people. You can also land a few shreds here, as she turns her back to you to go back to the center of the room. Ony still can be attacked from below even she is in the air. The only problem you will encounter, it is pretty hard to spot where she is at exactly. So zooming out camera or raid signs can help here.

You may also look out for whelps, they automatically spawn at start of phase 2 and continue to attack you in large groups every few minutes. A few swipes needed here, shouldnt be a problem.image

Continue to follow Ony from below, keep up the bleeds, and try to swipe near her when whelps on you.

Phase 3 starts soon, land combat again.

It is almost like Phase 1, with the addition of Bellowing Roar

, which can be pretty much negated with Primal Tenacity talent. Even is you dont have it, its more of a annoyance then a problem.

So, 10 minutes of fight and easy money. Enjoy/sell your epics:)

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