Aug 5, 2009

Stealth, rogue vs. feral

Stealth levels, rogue vs. feral.

imageSomething is not working properly. Im not sure when but a few patches ago i started to experience more and more rog openings on me, while i couldnt find them no matter how hard i tried.

It is still the case, im spinning like a fool tapping pounce /or sap-like pounce macro if healer/rogue in 2v2/ and after a few seconds of struggling i get sapped. As a NE. Against UD rogues. 19 times out of 20.

imageWhy do this happen? Better stealth detection, more range on sap some might say. Lets take a look into this.

“The difference between subtlety and detection will determine the distance that a player will be seen at. The closer you are to your target, the higher the probability that you will be detected. The chance of detection is also increased if you anywhere in a 180° arc in front of the target; it is always best to approach a target from behind. Remaining stationary does not make you harder to detect.”







have the same amount of stealth level.

  • Talent: Master of Deception (+5 per skill point, up to +15, rogue)
  • Talent: Feral Instinct (+5 per skill point, up to +15, druid)
  • Almost every rogue or feral i know, uses Enchant: Enchant Cloak - Stealth (+5), which is another level of stealth for both. So right now we are at:

    Feral +4 levels of stealth – Rogue +4 levels of stealth

    +0 stealth detection

    The Racial: Night elf - Elusivesness (+5) gives another level of stealth to NE rogues or druids.

    Now onto stealth detection. Works pretty much the same as stealth , just the other way around. This is where rogues excel at.

  • Talent: Heightened Senses (+3 per skill point, up to +6, rogue)
  • Racial: Human - Perception (+5 passive)
  • Rogues do talent HS, so they get +1.2 stealth level detection (or –1.2 from enemies stealth), human rogues get +2.2 levels.

    So stealth of an NE feral against a human rogue:

    +5 s. levels (-2.2 levels of stealth due to HS and human racial(-11)) vs +4 s. levels = +2.8 vs +4

    NE feral against UD rog.:

    +5 s. levels (-1.2 levels of stealth due to HS(-6)) vs +4 s.levels = +3.8 vs +4

    imageNow you count in increased range of sap for rogues here. 10 yards to sap, when you only have 5 yards to pounce or 8+ yards to catstep against a slightly better stealth detecting rogue.

    How about speeds in stealth? Speed decreases to 85% when in stealth. With talents though, rogues are at

    image +image

    = 85 x 15% (1.15) = 97.75% speed.

    Ferals with image and without 4set speed inc. pvp bonus, or indoors are at 85 + 30*0.85% = 110.5%.

    While with talent and with setbonus they are at 85 + 45*0.85% = 123.25%.

    Better speed, worse stealth detection.

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