Sep 1, 2009

The show must go on..; How to Feral final thoughts

SO its season start, everybody jumpes into the arena in a few minutes.
Don't forget only your 3v3 or 5v5 ratings are eligible for shoulder and weapon purchasing(which is silly).

The HTF movie encoding is still going on. TBH i am a bit afraid many won't like it, the second part -with some normal pvp footages- contains a few pretty disgusting and game mechanic abusing scenes (which maybe still will be a good laugh to the viewers just like it was meant to).

Part 1 is serious with all those macros and combos, arenas and duels, so i thought it would be a refreshing idea to see something new in part 2. We all know how ferals fight, pop zerk shred shred fero bite, maybe get a collectible berserker buff in wsg too..

I didn't want that, it is so mainstream. I was like "how about we take that old sap-cheap shot WO breaking sap-restealth move from the famous rogue movies, and convert it into feral?"
or "put up bleeds and MC, like we did it with Zombi in 2v2".

So don't forget IT IS a Bs Ballers trickvideo project afterall, it is meant to be like this.

How will the viewers react? I honestly do not know.
I worked hard on it to convert it into a funny/useful movie.

I hope they will like it. I hope YOU will like it.


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