Mar 21, 2009

FF7 tribute amv

old stuff from me

Mana Khemia yt review

i dont know who is this guy, but that was some seriously funny review ahhahahah

game is some new stuff for psp i was checking outxD
"wanna explore the campus together?"
"oh fuck yeah"

Mar 18, 2009

Company of Heroes

i dont miss wow. i am having fun playing CoH and Cod2 atm. Spending countless hours to gearupgrade to an item only better with a few stats simply makes me sick. i miss playing arena with friends though, but right now im more then okay without all the hussle.

Season 6

gotta love the druid gear, i always wanted to fuck people up naked.
umm too much misunderstandable gayness, gotta go now.

Mar 17, 2009

I feel sick

of this country. Banks now always send out checks when the forint is in the worst state(tbh they always did, but in this economical shit we are in you bound to notice the amounts), this month i have to pay 36k only for my car, instead the starting 22k per month.
It is getting worse.
I dont know where this country is headed.