Mar 27, 2009

Feral on pTR

  • New Talent: Primal Gore: Grants the periodic damage from your Rake, Lacerate and Rip abilities the chance to critically hit.
  • Primal Tenacity: The damage reduction while stunned effect now only works in Cat Form.
  • Rend and Tear: The critical strike bonus for Ferocious Bite reduced to 5/10/15/20/25%, down from 10/20/30/40/50%.

heavy nerfs, jesus so pathetic omg. im definitely not coming back for a while. not a chance. fuck this game

Note to myself

just some godly post on our parting leader. jesus i laughed so hard...

Mar 24, 2009

Mar 23, 2009

Current state of Wow


and its true:D
i especially loved the tree druid part, with the comment "imagine... a pillar"

Mar 22, 2009

Rogue class hero, funkynameinsert-sama

I "love" Ming and his posts xD
"Unlike many other rogue heroes, such as Akrios and myself"..
ah such modesty, truth is i didnt see any movie from him months maybe years ago, while akrios, neilyo, buddhist and mahiko actually worked on several movies recently.
And we have to simply admit theyre pretty good.

I like his plan though, where he collects several high rated players worldwide on TR, maybe we can see some quality duelmovie soon.
I just cant stand his "xx-sama, rogue hero, hokage" comments and his other shitty naruto references. A grown man ffs.

DVI stopped working

suddenly on my Viewsonic 20" monitor. I used normal cable up until i came across a post saying it can be "reactivated". You only have to unplug the power cord from the monitor for like 5 mins, then replug and pray that it works. It did for me;)
Faulty monitor series ftw:(

BS Ballers history

Wowarmory is now extended with a new funky feature, which lets you take a look at your arena team history.

You can watch our old team, the infamous BS BALLERS's history here ;)

i got nostalgic about some matches, even so when i looked at our worst ratio against the arathor team Certafied, with one of my fav. frost mages crossserver, Theanswer:)