Apr 10, 2009


hi there. its been a few weeks now i dont play wow, and my life is so much better. the first days were nightmares i reinstalled the game ind deleted it afterwards immediately, a few times over, struggling not to hop in and do some arena or bg.
i managed to do all my exams until now, though i still have a few more. anyway things are looking up.
of course i miss my little lvl 80 furball(and sexa female ne dance) but wow is being such a time sink i so much more happy than i can spend useful time irl.
i even started upgrading my car.
so about going back, i dont think so.
i still watch pvp movies, i still think sometimes i could do better, its even more painful to see feral action, but i think i spent enough time with this shit, rather the doing somethink,,anything else with life and live!
about the ptr feral changes: they are sad and digusting at the same time, if i played i would be pratty angry with them, blizzard once again proved they can fuck up classes and the game easily.
i guess feral is going back to prewotlk and pre2.4.3 status,and i am also happy i got to play with it in early wotlk when people were actually very dangerrous if they specced feral.(after years of sucking)i even managed to be a competitive feral in the dark times, i started the game again to play with a more difficult class then frost mage. i loved it i loved ouy guys, i loved my first big vanilla wow guild "Illuminati", pals like lorinel, magor, turin, zozi, kumen, árny yo;loved the tbc experience and the wotlk content, i always will cherish the "bs ballers" arena experience with the best teammate ever, Thoky.
but right now?
im so fucking happy i dont play that shit.

Apr 7, 2009


i go to college okay?
and btw fuck physics dissertations

Six Silent Shadows

Fucking Epic.


btw just finished my 60 page physics dissertation after days of not sleepping. finally some chillin',