Apr 25, 2009

Feral/rog tips from Chrille

Feral, Rogue 2v2 Info

I'm gonna break down a few important things that is required to maximize your win-ratio as Feral Rogue and give some general insights about the comp.

One may say that this combo is all about how good the rogue is, because without a good rogue you can't push it very high. I'm not saying that a good rogue could carry this comp to 2.4k +++ that will certainly never happen. The druid has to be able support his rogue's playstyle and beeing a good 1v1'er certainly buys you many games. There will be many occasions where you kill the healer and your rogue dies. This comp works in both Pve and PvP gear, but I'd say that this is one of the few comps were high resilience is borderline mandatory for both players.

So now that you have found a good rogue, how can you further enchance your tactics and improve your win ratio?

I'd reccomend you to get Engineering, atleast one of you has to have it. The best is if both got it. Engineering is KEY to establish a good win ratio vs rogue teams and especially Rogue Mage. It's all about the oppener as in many cases in this comp. This is why you must have engineering. I've linked the engineering parts to wowhead, so if you wanna check out the item just click on those orange links ;).

  1. Nitro Boost - Increases your survival and allowes you to get restealths of were you wouldn't be able to. It also helps you to stick to your target.
  2. Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket - Binding this to Fero bite, really does help you when you want to score a kill on someone. Definitely recommended to use.
  3. Hyper-Vision Googles - The sickest helmet ever. It's almost as good as the old human perception. If both of you got this one, then you have 30s of perception. During this time you will most likely find a rogue. Macro it into your sprint, since you want to maximize your area of search with sprint up when it's active.
  4. Catseye Ultra Goggles - Good old catseye never fails to deliver.

Something that I haven't tested yet that my rogue partner wants to test is, Dubble Darkmoon Card: Death. The proc rate of this trinket is really high, so you will most likely get a proc during the first second of your oppener. Both proccing this one and both using the Hand pyro rocket gives you aaaaloooooot of extra dmg without even using any gcds at all.

General Tactics

There are different types of playing this comp. You can either play it agressive (reccomended) or with a lot of control in terms of getting of a lot of restealths. I don't consider the restealth style very effective nor do I use it, but its good in some situations. In my oppinion this comp is all about putting out as much dmg in a short window as possible, and then reset the fight when they've blown their major cds. Vs priests and shamans this isnt the case since their defense against melee zerg is garbage.

Holy Paladins or Resto Shamans - You will have to kill the paladin / shaman 99% of the time, because he's teamed up with something that you simply can not kill. The biggest problem is when your up against a Gnome warrior + Healer. Most of the time you will be able to sap the dps and go for the healer but if it's a warrior then you have Sap the paladin/shaman, root the warrior and lockdown his healer. You'll struggle abit against gnomes due to escape artist, but that is something you have to live with. When the pal bubbles do everything in your power to reset the fight. If its a shaman, well reset the fight to win the 2v1 when he goes down =).

Resto Druids - You need to capitalize on their weakness really. You can not kill a resto druid, as dubble melee. Won't happen unless he's terribad. You can't sap a druid, which means that you have to rely on sustained dps / burst on his teammate. That is the only way to win. I reckon that you could kill the druid if you blind him very early burst the dps teamate and do a swap when he got 0 hots on himself. That is probably the only way to kill him.

Rogue / Mage - One of the easiest comps to beat if you find the rogue. So finding the rogue is something that we want to do. If you do not find him during Hypervision time, or with catseye, then wait for shadowsight and unstealth him. You have very limited chances of winning if you open up on the mage.

Priest / Rogue - A very tricky comp, you can kill the priest or the rogue. But the rogue has to be under control during both options. If you find the rogue then position yourself close to the rogue and let your rogue sprint away and sap the priest, just before he saps you pounce the rogue. If the priest he trinkets blind him, if he doesnt then blind him when it fades. You want to max dps on the rogue so that is why you blind before anything else. Follow it up with a bash. This should in most cases be enough to score the kill. The priest tactic is very simple. Get a sap on the rogue, rushdown the priest and dont forget to keep FF up on the rogue if you got time for it ofc.

Apr 24, 2009

Duelist Starmist


(lol not that much of a skillmeasuring title but still!)

Apr 23, 2009


Just wrote a 100% statistics exam, 8 exams left in 68 days.
Hardcore, but im more hardcore.

Season 6 is active and everybody playing arena, damn i'd like to but i cant join you until the end of june. And only if i succeed.
I miss you guys!
Take care and kick ass until then without me!

Apr 19, 2009

Off again

many many exams, im really dancing on the edge, you have to miss me for a few weeks again, but ill be here from time to time:)