May 2, 2009


Youll be fine m8, gl ill be cheering for you!

On an other note, i feel sorry for the priest/rog comps, its not easy to handle a hardcore nerf-change. Blizz simply feels priest/rog to overrepresented in arena, just like they did in s3 with rog/druid. And here comes balancing.

Of course its a welcome change, im a druid and i want buffs and nerfs for everyone else:)

But i dont think this change will stay.(the devil inside of me wantsss, sry :);cyclone-cyclone-cyclone-blind-sap-bash-cyclone-cyclone--> cc is fun!)

Blue reply:
Blind and Cyclone not sharing the same Diminishing Returns anymore
Crowd control is a big part of PvP, but we often have to take steps to make sure it doesn't become too big a part. Where things get out of control sometimes is when teams can chain CCs with different diminishing returns together to keep an opponent locked down for an unreasonable amount of time. Rogues have a lot of different forms of crowd control. This change was to make stringing many of them together with a partner a little less powerful. More classes have access to fears than cyclones, so we thought this change would make chaining CC with a fear less powerful.

We realize there were several different ways we could have handled this and we don't expect that our solution is necessarily the one each of you would have picked had you been in our shoes.

We also realize there is a risk here of making rogue - druid combos too powerful. The druid class has changed enough that we don't think we'll see the problems we had with them in previous seasons, but it's certainly something to keep an eye on. (Source)

Druid / Rogue in Arenas
Currently, druid/rogue based teams in 2s and 3s aren't being seen very much (compared to other compositions). If the druid/rogue based teams actually overtake how much we currently see priest/rogue teams then I'll agree the change was faulty.

However, while we fully expect druid/rogue teams to show up more often than they are now I'll be pretty surprised if they actually catch up to the priest/rogue numbers we're seeing right now. As long as the druid/rogue based comps peak out below the current priest/rogue groups, then it will have been a net improvement. Of course, if druid/rogue does turn out to be a serious balance problem, then we'll do something about it.

[...] That could prove true, but I'd rather let it ride for some amount of time before doing something as significant as putting Cyclone on the Fear DR. It may end up being necessary though


starting on monday.

wish me luck! :D

p.s. Paja, guildname is awesome

May 1, 2009

Warlock/Rog Priest/Rog IS DESTROYED NOW!!!1111!1

(it always makes me smile:) world of roguecraft <3)

Geforce 3 warrior pvp

An awesome video, some nasty strats and tricks in it, and more fantastic fights overall. I still amazed how he summoned a jc boar in the hunter fight and managed to intervene onto it, when he was out of charges and was kited badly. GG.

(ps: dont bearcharge the warrior, geez)

Transformers 2



guy is sick.

Neilyo-kun's Wild Night Out

It has been a while since Neilyo-kun put serious efforts into WOW, as the demanding curriculum of his local community college and part time job at the pizza parlor really started to erode his confidence. However, the rogue god up there knew this can't last forever, so he set the rogue hero up for an epic encounter of a life time.

Neilyo, who delivers pizzas as quickly as he vanishes death coils, had to deliver one extra large sausage pizza to an innocuous house near the beach. When he arrived, the owner of the house, a frumpy twenty-five year old chick recognized the rogue hero. She was a huge fan of the Neilyo videos so she welcomed him warmly. She said let's play some games then, play some games. And Neilyo-kun unsheathed his dagger and smashed the backstab key for a good 20 minutes, although as a careful ninja, he did apply "coating" to his dagger first.

When it was over, Neilyo-kun ran to the ocean by himself as the cold, refreshing water from the sea washed away his doubts. He was a different man, as he gave something to gain something truly precious that night. Under the moonlight, he saw the true purpose of his existence. The rogue community still needs him, and they will do whatever it takes to heal his wounds from past disappointments. I expect a comeback from him, a comeback like you have never seen before!

what the hell is wrong with this Ming guy.


the changes just arrived we already thinking about the new strats :)
note to myself (TOTT macro)
/run local s="Tricks of the Trade" if GetSpellCooldown(s)==0 and IsUsableSpell(s) then SendChatMessage ("Tricks on you","WHISPER",nil,UnitName("focus")); end
/cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade; Tricks of the Trade

1 man army

i was thinking about choosing the guild name "EGO" but this was what i came up with in the end...
btw it lacks any seriousness:D haha Kish check it out!:D
as you know i have no time for guilds right now, might as well promote this little funblog while i logged in and playing some pvp:) and recording some footages, i owe you all a vid i think. around summer i promise.

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Something awesome

i just got up and this is what was waiting for me at mmo-champion

  • Blind (Rogue) is now in the same diminishing returns category as Fear effects, but no longer shares diminishing returns with Cyclone (Druid).

in s3 rog/druid was pretty strong, thus the cyclone/blind nerf,
dis/rog is considered too op atm?


waiting for todays exam result till monday. finally i can get some sleep. nitenite all

Apr 28, 2009


how could you Tony how???

Keyturning mastahz

Movie night!
Im still watching, but i saw Neph in the movie (best SP on BS and 1 i ever met) fuck up Trigz's RMP in like a second. Its already enough for me to post it ;)
Not that i hate Trigz. On the contrary.
But im a goddamn Neph fan.

Feral/Mage vid

The vid made me think, what makes someone a good pvp player? I think Akrios called this anticipation-reaction based actions, i pretty much agree.
But imho beside being dedicated to pvp, i think you need 3 basic things
-situational awareness (cd's-not necessarily afflicted but an overall knowledge of enemy's spell-abilities repertoire, being able to watch and react, use enviroment and los, anticipating enemy moves)
-instinct (i cant describe it, you have to have a gut feeling to pull off some stunts, feral charging someone jumping off bladesedge bridge, prebearform an incoming sap, shadowmeld an incoming cheap shot(i miss old smvanish))


i dont know how, but i passed the comprehensive exam :D:D
3/5. jesus i was so lame!

Apr 27, 2009


Awesome games tonight! Not many but very very good ones. We won aginst disc/rog 3 times outta 4, we annihilated paladin/warr teams and triumphed over1 mage/rog team (a bit of a 1v1 me against mage;)).
More aggressive cycloning from me today, constant ventrilo and MC's, fears from Zombi.
I feel tremendous potential in the setup.
Mirror. We came back from almost certain death.(1-1 in the end)

psst. Feral charge, bash -> mana burn on stunned target is OP.

Zombi soloed 2 warrs today while i kept the healers busy. lolz.

Apr 26, 2009

Checking in

sry guys for the inactivity. the comprehensive exam in 2 days im doing my best to prepare for it.

we did some 2v2s yesterday though, practically without vent. around 1800~ games started to get tougher, quite a few awesome players and setups in blackout i have to admit.

zombi has to play a bit more offensively i think, and i have step up with my cc game too. there were an exceptional rog-pala team, we played 1-5 against them. rog simply outranged my melee, especially berserk on me(he was backpedaling constantly, fucking annoying:), only to move in to reapply crippling,wtf. oh and dwarf.), and evassions destroyed my game. in bear i cant do enough damage, and though i would like to spec 2 more talent points back into imp.mangle i have no extra points for it. predatory in. is mandatory with healer, and i have to stay in cat to do dps.

i did pretty sick damages overall, there are a few scrshots at home, ill post them later on.

i feel smoehow i get sapped more than i did before, and not from human or ne rogues. feels kinda weird, maybe feral instincts not working as they should? (stealth enchant on back, weakness specs on head). i have absolutely no time for gear upgrades, nor for the dual talent option :)))

xing fingers for tuesday. 8 exams. 65 days to go.