May 8, 2009

and he fails me

from physics. no more exams until my deadline.
so im fucked.
6 exams back and even i succeed with the other 5 this stays.
and thats byebye. no degree, no more time iam expelled.

im trying to write a request to the director assistant on tuesday.
lets hope there still miracles.


May 7, 2009

2 things

Blood boil still works inside arenas, and destealth targets.
Hand of reckoning does no damage but will prevent you from restealthing from 30 yard away.

May 6, 2009

Last weekend

night life. thats Niki in the middle going crazy at the party.
good stuff:D

Oh okay

before lag went crazy we played some good matches. still we are at 1906, having trouble with some 2 dps setups and with ret/resto in general.(look at pic)
still we are ready for some more:) but i wont be online till saturday. exam time again. priorities.

2v2 /2

We won +40points in the last hour, with some awesome teamplay!:)
Zombi was ultra offensive, and kept me up nicely.
We even won against this team. Zombi is not a big fan of Brotee, so extra sweet victory i guess:) (zombi always names his 2v2 after the person he hated the most in the last season. brotee was close second to the title:) )
We lost a mage/rog and the last resto/feral (even we won the first in nagrand) match.
Overall it was fun!
We have several irl things to attend to, well be back playing tomorrow night.

May 5, 2009


-bring old shadowmeld
-bring back powershift
-bring back old strong bearmangle
-fix ferocious bite, remove extra energy wasting
-give maim +1 sec stun per CP
-reduce rend and tear to 3point talent


do want!

2v2 today

Before the actual blogpost, i passed another exam. Im so happy. 6 more to go. I really have to focus even more on these things.

We played some arena today, kinda as a last resort before wednesday maintenance. Too many things for both of us during the week.

The games were pretty bad, we couldnt play our regular cc chains, i often forgot to cyclone and went tunnelvision dpsing on a target. We played 6-8 or something, a really pathetic result.

I was surprised how many double dps teams are active. And im not talking about rog/mage, rather balance/elemental and lock/ret. We even lost against Badrasta and Ramirrion (mage/ret). Ramirrion was pretty fast with HoJ before i could jump off the BE bridge. I wasted a trinket, and the stacking debuffs made it impossible for Zombi to clear the next HoJ on me.

Anyway great game guys, i was happy to see you again in the arena, you are all right:)

Cattybay made an excellent move, after a long match, when we swapped to him from shaman. He managed to go def stance and slow us with shout, while we were pretty much oom. As 6 outta of 8 lost games we were once again very close to victory, main targets survived with only a few hundred hp's. Sad.

Our faults today:
-i have to get rid of my ventrilo push btn, it annoys me most of the time, set it to voice activation
-zombi have to give me more feedback
-bad cc coordinations, very bad
-more aggressive zombi, like last week, i loved that
-i have to watch and cyclone offtargets more often
-i often forget to apply savage roar.. the glyph is there for a reason dammit
-i loved the victory against priest-rog, stunning a caster and switch to let Zombi cast mana burns = nice
-too many totems left alone, they have to be destroyed
-i struggle with my opening. im used to imp.mangle, without it, after pounce-mangle i have to pop Tigers fury, not waiting to that sad 35 energy for rake.rogues often trinket pounce, ripping asap is mandatory even with only 1 cp.
-against double dps we have to mix offensive and defensive strats. mage-rog is a good example for this. fear as many pets as possible, avoid los, helpout with abolish(i often cast is too often, i forget about the extended duration)

I really hope my irl things will work out as i planned. That ways i wil have more time to play, but ill never go back to mindless raiding and playing like in vanilla wow. I often miss the rouge finesse and the mage mobility andd cc capabilities, but somehow i got close to this little druid.
I consider myself a good player, but in all seriousness there are plenty of space to improve. What i intend to do.

Tarantino movie mix

stuff for fellow moviefans

Eclectic Method - The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Eviscerate V;13710390;/fileinfo.html


What the f**k?xD

"Hafu's mom or w/e looks like President Roslin in that pic. So that means Hafu is Boomer and is a cylon."

you gotta love WOM comment section.these guys make the browsing worthwhile.

The Black Brewmaiden

i summoned it in ab, and something was wrong. hordies couldnt kill it it stayed on 1 hp till end of duration. bug? probably. ill use more often it while it lasts!

PLaying panther

took some time till i could reach him moving on the branches. hiding in the tree going afk!? no sir, not a chance!

(good)Premade is always fun

thx Vashin for the premade, we ganked those poor hordies at beach spawning point badly:)

May 3, 2009

short glimpse back, Season 4 wannabe trailer

this was one of my first movie posts, and though i had no time to put a real long movie together, i made several short ones.
i just got emotional looking back how it, and this little blog started.
sharing informations, quitting, deleting, coming back..:)
anyway enjoy some old footages in a few seconds



Thanks for Inkvizicio and Silver Hand for inviting me to a pretty good nax raid. Felt good to see some old, familiar names. Kinda got emotional and missed my old Run you fools guild membership. And Inkvizicio membership as well:)
Too bad the exam madness starts again tomorrow.
Gotta stay strong.