Jun 5, 2009

to all those we lost again


new NE cat form art

i have to say i've fallen in love with them.
im using druids of azeroth arts for a long time, and i have waited for this.

they are beatiful.

gif albino and black.

arena 3v3

we did well in the last 2 arenanights(only playing for 2 hours each nothing serious;)), we are finally at 1461.

i made some scrshots again and im gonna a little video to those BS teams beating us;)
we are never giving up!

destro lock and elemental shaman combined forces are just ouch! haggis simply couldnt heal me even i was cc'ing the best i could.
heroism.>lavabursts on f.shock.>chaos bolts->immolate incinerates= dead feral
personally im not to happy about the voidwalker sacrifice change, but i guess locks disagree:)

anyway destro feels like new frost mage in wotlk, real /notso/glasscannon.

we lost against some shitty teams, priest double rog, and won against some good ones/hi shadowcleave/.

well thats arena.
i still love it.

oh and i hate 4gl and delphi. its bad. exam on monday gl for me.

Jun 4, 2009

ok i lied

studies does have an effect on posting. sorry guys:(
its 3 am here and im sill up trying to figure out delphi programming..
only have 4 days left till exam.. oh and i have to hand in my thesis plan in the morning the one imstill writing?

ah joy

Jun 2, 2009


every time i hear Chicane's name i think of an old trance classic, Saltwater. This time he comes with a new track i heared first on ASOT 405. Anyway a great tune.

Also he is coming to Hungary, Balatonfured on june 27th. If im done with the exams i dont care about the travelling im gonna go and see and listen to him. Im sure its gonna be a superb party.

Jun 1, 2009

video games kill

once again

im gonna be afk for a few weeks guys. this is the last month and the last 3 exams i have to pass. im gonna focus more on the studies, and less on the game and .. well everyhing else:(
posting is gonna continue as usual, readers of this little blog wont tell much of a difference, it only affects arena plays.


i was going for the fishing diplomat, but suddenly Ramirrion invited me to a hilarious ulduar 5 man first boss, and a awesome horde ganking later. i laughed so much, sorry for the ganking hordies although they kicked our asses a few times as well:) some scrshots.

May 31, 2009

Cat form update next week

Druid (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Cat form models next week
Trust me. I'm confident you'll be pleasantly surprised with the tauren cat update. Stay tuned! It's coming next week. (Source)