Jun 12, 2009


i just finished watching it, and i thought hey this was hilarious i should post this on the blog to spread the smiles;)


just got back from Szeged. physics exam is done, i only have 1 left, comprehensive exam mathematics.

i logged on my mage for a few minutes, pick up where i left with q-ing and stuff, but now login server is down.

i will continue playing feral too, i just love that little ne girl:)

oh oh and i'll post something funny later on tonight:)

and gratz to NIKI youre doing well girl;)

Jun 11, 2009

Mage again?

after 6 months of 5 hours sleep, hundreds of thousand of money spent, 24/7 studying i was really looking forward to enjoy the summer.
go out, gym, swim, run, travel and of course play wow n a more serious level, acquiring the glad title for my little furry kitty(and beautiful NE maiden in caster form!)

today i got disgusted again with blizz"s nerf, these are the times when i feel quitting is not a bad idea.

im not going anywhere though, but im considering leveling my mage once again. im gonna faceroll to top 1 with rmp, im still remember how frost mage is played and can be used to fuck up enemies.

i got bored of frostbolting in the past, afterall i started as a mage years ago. i was looking for a challenge in feral and thats why i switched.
but now it is just not fun what developers are doing with druids.

and keeping another level 80 pvp char in these sad fucking times is a big plus.

Maim/bash change


When immune to the stun of following abilities, Maim, Bash, and Hammer of Justice will no longer cause player spells to be interrupted but they will still interrupt NPCs. Also, when these abilities do stun a player target, they will not perform an interrupt effect and lock out the affected magic school. As an example, if a Mage is channeling Arcane Missiles and is hit by Hammer of Justice, Blink will now be available as the Arcane school will not be locked out as it was before.


Already at an ultra low representation in arenas thanks to the recent “fixes”, and now they remove our ability to effectively fight against casters.

Stun is shit, everybody have some antitalent or passive against it.


Live Video (BETA) by Shaunconnery | War/Druid

i think this is the best stream ever.



best. ever.

Checkin’ in

hey guys, i just got back from physics prep, tomorrow im travelling to Szeged again for the exam. car

gamewise there is not much to tell, we couldnt play 2v2 again, im really focusing on the remaining 2 exams in the last 20 days i have left. smile_speedy

some duelling, some bg's are all that i do for half an hours, im logged out and being offline mostly. smile_sniff

if things go as i planned ill be back in next month full time, and start grinding gear and glad title. Bs Ballers arena team is probably is coming back to life to spread double dps pain in blackout. 


Jun 9, 2009

My dear Chopper, i want you

“What you need:

Titansteel Bar:
These are either made by a miner, if you are one, or can be bought from the AH, they are usually 100g each.
Handful of Cobalt Bolts:
This can be created by you -assuming that you're an engineer-, You will need Cobalt bars to make them, since the create output isn't really specific, you may get 1-3 each time you try crafting, so depending on your luck you will need 80 bars maximum.
Arctic Fur:
These are obtainable through a skinner, they usually sell 10-50g in the AH, you're gonna need 2.
And the rest:

Can be obtained by a merchent in The Stormpeaks, She sells them (in order) for: 3000g // 1000g // 1500g
Note: The Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe is a limited Item.
Note: You can only access the vendor if you are an engineer and already knows how to make the chopper/hog

i hope i’ll have some time later this summer to farm for it. a lot of people already have it and it is still so badass!:)

Feral/priest 2700

not us. yet. <3
decent arena play.


Best moments of MLG

/original post from Radikal/
  1. Venruki Ice Blocking at 7 hp, catching a heal, dropping IB and scoring counterkill on Enforcer. (LIKE A BAWS)
  2. Venruki hovering at 5k HP for a LONG couple of seconds against eMG, looking like he's about to block, and then dying for no reason. <3
  3. Pookz counterspelling Minti randomly, and after winning the round anyways, responds to a comment on the counterspell with, "Who won that last round?"
  4. Bucwild being a beast.
  5. Payce dying without bubbling...over and over.
  6. Not Fnatic, EG, or Gravitas. (Pandemic was very good if inconsistent despite the lowish finish)
  7. Yog's thumb. ITS A CATERPILLAR.
  8. Whoever called that fat chick, Snorlax.
  9. Glick's emo commentating. "And Pookz counterspells the hunter, that's not good." "Oh look the wolf's big" "They're getting cleavy"
  10. Payce's real name is, in fact, $.
  11. Not Minti playing shadow dance. (Sorry, <3)
  12. Realz's HUGE clutch divine hymns. (Seriously, he is master of random bullshit hymns)
  13. Pennace juke into divine hymn what.
  14. Didy leaving a game right as his team gets a crosskill for no reason costing them the match. (And then Vhell commenting on it, without realizing mic was on, "I'd punch Didy in the face")
  15. Now look at me. Nice.
  16. Enforcer. Popped collar? Check. Crazy sideways typing? Yup. Best rogue play all tourney? Yup.
  17. Pookz wtfburst. Man pookz is really getting outplayed this round, he has don't shi--- oh he just shattered some rogue's face.
  18. Azael gunner glasses.
  19. Hydra on the offensive.
  20. Not Hydra on the defensive.
  21. "Hafu strat"
  22. Vhell reading the official definition of cleave on air.
  23. Realz.
  24. Payce's play in the first few round robin matches. (Particularly against Complexity)
  25. JP live blogging.

Unmercey 7

Jun 8, 2009

random pics

serious arena prep

best name ever

feels good to be overestimated

final bamm after frost mage kiting



after 8 years of poverty, i cant believe there were still 17% voters on mszp.
those people should be shot, either theyre blind or dumb.
no excuses.

Jun 7, 2009

old MLG top 10 halo moments

and more



I didnt really watch many wow arenas, but hydra's RMP got stomped by DK-BMHUNT-HPALA. i mean like badly.

i switched onto the halo channel only to watch the top 10 moments so far.
you have to watch it. i cant really tell you how awesome they are.
there is one car jumping to splash an enemy on the tubes above, or there is a guy killing 7 enemies by himself.

oh and