Jun 27, 2009

Jun 25, 2009

New druid forms - movie

TBH im not amazed, cat form looks weird, body proportions are odd, especially the cat's legs. Dunno maybe it is just me.
Bear form looks like a huge skunk.

Its like they are out from a cartoon.

Pink houses - trance

coming out on july 27, new track from Anjunadeep.
joy for trance lovers, others should skip:P

Jun 24, 2009

Can you

d3ciph3r teh m3ssage?


Don’t fuck with the feral.

3.2 weapon model

this just got uploaded

i dont know what i dont know how

but it looks badass



Californication 3 is coming

My favorite tv show ever. If you didnt see the first 2 seasons and you are up for some explicit content, harsh language and ultimate funniness you should give it a try.

Men is my Forte 5 - priest pvp

It is always a pleasure to watch good pvp movies. Thank god we have wcm as an excellent source, and they just upgraded their looks, new site design is up!

3.2 Item updates

Quite a few upgrades for everyone. I just browsing and posting some of the better ones /melee/ i like, but you can find the still expanding list over at mmo-champion!

There are 3 new sets for every class, different in Ilvl and stats.

And now for the items:

image image image image image image imageimage

New badge idol 3.2

Jun 23, 2009

I did it!!!

I've become engineer of IT today.

I spent most of the past 5 months studying and i mean studying. Nothing else at all.
And sweet success.

I'm gonna go and hit the sack, i'm on the edge of total physical exhaustion.

Jun 21, 2009

The Art of R M P


after some planning i am going for this talent.
-ice barrier
-icy veins
-minor fire ward
-minor frost ward
-minor slow fall