Jul 17, 2009

My 2. ZG run

and i have a  new mount:)


Badrasta came along for the kills, ty for the assist and for the pass m8:)

Jul 16, 2009

Hot / Cer's green Fire 4

its around 40 celsius over here, killer weather, and i have to work outside today arggh. if youre the only guy in the family you have to suffer and thats it:P
and to top things i also went running this morning (gf stayed in bed of course, rawr bite bite) and the time i got back i was kinda crawling meter by meter xD

oh i recorded some footages for HowtoFeral, but there are some mistakes in it /pounceing on IB, he popped it at the same time really!QQ/ and yet i might even include them in the vid. im only human, im making mistakes and everybody can learn from it just like from the other tips and uber tricks. i dont want to make the vid too "steril" and perfect. it wouldnt be "real".

Jul 14, 2009

Draintrain pvp movie

a very good, top lock in our battlegroup.

How to Feral; by Starmist | update

i guess the brainstroming is over now, i wrote down many ideas, some very neat tricks in it i must say;>
the promotion poster is almost ready as well, check back in a day or two to view it.

tbh its getting a bit bigger project than i hoped for at first, but as long i can realize everything i want, and present it a funny and interesting way to the viewers, its gonna be allright.

Health care

is shit here in the capital, we had to wait 4 hours before they could accept my gf.

Jul 13, 2009

How to feral / BS Ballers trickvideo #3

I am happy to announce that i have not 1 but 2 feral videos in the making.

How to feral / BS Ballers aim is to show what a feral can do dealing damage, crowd controlling enemies in pvp environment.

It includes many basic and advanced tips how to be dangerous, how to improve your situational awareness and use useful macros efficiently. It will more or less reflect my experiences as a feral, and i intend to record real pvp situations just like duels with some good players and friends.

I already have many things in mind i want you to know or witness through feral eyes.
Music will probably be trance again, so those who dont like it just bear with us, i will make it up to you in content.
It will take 1-2 weeks to finish the movie, so get ready.


Feral's, just like me are tend to open with pounce. Talented it gives a comfy 4 sec offDR stun which gives plenty of time to build up combo points even throw up some bleeds on the target.
Proddz insane burst openings the other day made me thinking though.
Even devs are trying to force us not to able to burst there are still some options to exploit.
Darkmoon card:Death and Pyro rocket are a great solutions to this, just as you can see below.
I open with ravage, trinket procs, i pyro rocket and TF rake for an almost sure Ferocious Bite crit, then i use my finisher.
It takes 4 seconds.

Just like Pounce do.
Just imagine this with a good rogue on your side. Enemy is on the defensive instantly.

21k dmg. With only 4 CP.