Jul 23, 2009

MIA + 3.2 engineering

Im gonna be away for 3 days, im visiting relatives with girlfriend. I will be back asap and continue blogging, and videoediting.
I am really happy with the feral vs feral duel recordings. As Chrille said once it's RNG madness.
It is.

as for the 3.2 engineering, they finally changed the underwater breather belt "enchant" to a frag bomb generator, which can be used every 6 minutes.
It is a pretty good thing imho, especially when using grenades wont cancel your forms anymore.

Dream 2200 Feral/Shaman

It is my joy to promote a fellow feral's pvp vid on the site!
Eu-Bloodscalp ftw:)

spent the last 2 hours dueling with Dream :D
i recorded some nice fights, expect them to appear in the vid :)

Jul 22, 2009

Above and beyond, Greymane Wall


Started a new 3v3 with Free and with Skoda tonight/rog-pala-feral/, and i really enjoyed playing with the guys,very good mood, laughs and jokes, quality pvp. /sorry Thoky i didnt play with you tonigh i promised the guys already/

Well it is a disgusting cleave comp, we outcleaved warr-dk-paladins easily. There were some priest-feral-rog, and some mirrors too, and those were the matches i really shined with awesome cc’s ^^’.

Against RMP's we won 10 out of 12 matches.. Basically you avoid saps, and you gib priest with some QQ proccing pressure.

There were a few target switches here and there. In one RMP match i switched to rog. And here is the cropped combat log pic.


19543 damage in 2 globals.


Jul 20, 2009

Warlock solo C'thun phase 1


i fixed the roof today, we had a very big storm over here the day before yesterday. im kinda tired but happy to tell you vid is about ~35% ready.
yeah i know a lot of you is disappointed, but it will worth the wait i promise:)
im just adding some effects to part 1 here and there, and swapping musics for part 2 on which i still havent decided.

today was the first day i finally managed to kill HC magister terrace's 3rd boss(es) by myself. it was very hard, but i got lucky no rogue nor shaman on the enemy "team". i f.charged the mage now and then and kept the bleeds up on the warr. hunter, engineer.
no chocobo drop on last boss though:)
but i still got the raptor and im loving it! funky eyes, awesome sounds <3
where is the raptor?!


i just finished watching it, and i have to say it was really good. Liam Neeson is so badass you just believe it he can hunt you down and kick your ass any minute.

Highly recommended, hostage-kidnapping action-thriller.


Jul 19, 2009

Patch note of the week

You remember bash is not interrupting casts anymore?

Then check this shit out.

Burning Determination: Some Silence and Interrupt effects that did not trigger this talent will now trigger it properly, including Bash, Hammer of Justice, Shield of the Templar, Garrote and Gag Order.


Radikal on Harry Potter

This guy is my hero.

“Does anyone think that this whole Tom Riddle->Voldemort the evil thing might just be the product of being snogged as a kid by Dumbledore?
I thought snog = make out but this fantasy land where teens are only interested in second base kind of confuses me. If you can't be special orgasm friends (sof), wtf is the point? Oh my god I have hormones and they're telling me to...hold your hair? Actually, there was a blatant quasi BJ between Ginny and Harry that started with the old your-shoe's-untied and don't tell me I'm a perv pedo for reading that shit in cuz Davey Yates held that frame for like 5 seconds and 95% of the audience thought Harry was about to whip that shit out.
Speaking of pervy pedoness, has anyone see the Emma Watson photoshoot where she dresses up as Lolita? This is from the shoot:

There's a few others that run with the Lo theme more hardcore. She's a cutey but I hope she finds legit roles not just slutty roles to prove she's "mature." Sup Jessica Biel. Either way, her life at Columbia will probably be fucking hell and she should probably just wear a tracksuit and a Nixon mask at all times to avoid fags like me. "Yo Emma, you do your psych homework yet? I didn't get the part about summoning your Patronus. Help a nigga out, girl. WHAT? You mad? Uh oh, you might Stupefy me! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Don't go cry on the stairs."”

sneak peek into How to Feral

part 1 is almost complete (there will be 3 parts)

ps.im done with part 1.
i think its good. very very good ^^'