Aug 6, 2009

3.2 First impressions

First thing i did logging in, was to check the amount of final damage nerf we suffered.

Shortly, it’s not that bad. Here are some pictures i took before and after patch. (same gear, same trinkets, no procs during test)


SR-5cp RIP on Mangled target



Rake on Mangled target.

Naxxramas 10 man quick run


with PUG, heh.

image Anyway im not sure if this is true, but i had OOM procs me all the time, really felt like they upped the proc chance on that.

I joined up with some friends to try out the trial of the crusader. The instance is fast, action packed with awesome loot and enjoyable encounters. I really liked it, we even made some normal reset runs to gear up an old pal who recently dinged 80.

1st Phase is some jousting on horse, we always start on right npc then dps down the others. When they dismount to fight handtohand, it is a good idea to kill mage, hunter, shaman first then continue.

imagePhase 2 bosses varies each time. The priestess summons a nightmare mob, which has way more hp and dmg, so look out for the switch.image

The paladin likes to cast radiance, which you can negate by turning away from him (yogg-saron anyone?)

There is HOJ and another hammer he can hurl at you for 14~k dmg. (you can throw it back:))

And onto the last boss:


The black knight dies very fast, even he comes back to life 2 more times.

The second time your tank (i often help as offtank) have to look out for a bunch of summoned ghouls. They explode so keep your range when they do.

The third phase: is all out dps time, pop trinkets, heroism, and nuke him down. he has a nasty aoe effect, so avoid long fights.

Aug 5, 2009

Lost Lands of Zul'Gurub

Stealth, rogue vs. feral

Stealth levels, rogue vs. feral.

imageSomething is not working properly. Im not sure when but a few patches ago i started to experience more and more rog openings on me, while i couldnt find them no matter how hard i tried.

It is still the case, im spinning like a fool tapping pounce /or sap-like pounce macro if healer/rogue in 2v2/ and after a few seconds of struggling i get sapped. As a NE. Against UD rogues. 19 times out of 20.

imageWhy do this happen? Better stealth detection, more range on sap some might say. Lets take a look into this.

“The difference between subtlety and detection will determine the distance that a player will be seen at. The closer you are to your target, the higher the probability that you will be detected. The chance of detection is also increased if you anywhere in a 180° arc in front of the target; it is always best to approach a target from behind. Remaining stationary does not make you harder to detect.”







have the same amount of stealth level.

  • Talent: Master of Deception (+5 per skill point, up to +15, rogue)
  • Talent: Feral Instinct (+5 per skill point, up to +15, druid)
  • Almost every rogue or feral i know, uses Enchant: Enchant Cloak - Stealth (+5), which is another level of stealth for both. So right now we are at:

    Feral +4 levels of stealth – Rogue +4 levels of stealth

    +0 stealth detection

    The Racial: Night elf - Elusivesness (+5) gives another level of stealth to NE rogues or druids.

    Now onto stealth detection. Works pretty much the same as stealth , just the other way around. This is where rogues excel at.

  • Talent: Heightened Senses (+3 per skill point, up to +6, rogue)
  • Racial: Human - Perception (+5 passive)
  • Rogues do talent HS, so they get +1.2 stealth level detection (or –1.2 from enemies stealth), human rogues get +2.2 levels.

    So stealth of an NE feral against a human rogue:

    +5 s. levels (-2.2 levels of stealth due to HS and human racial(-11)) vs +4 s. levels = +2.8 vs +4

    NE feral against UD rog.:

    +5 s. levels (-1.2 levels of stealth due to HS(-6)) vs +4 s.levels = +3.8 vs +4

    imageNow you count in increased range of sap for rogues here. 10 yards to sap, when you only have 5 yards to pounce or 8+ yards to catstep against a slightly better stealth detecting rogue.

    How about speeds in stealth? Speed decreases to 85% when in stealth. With talents though, rogues are at

    image +image

    = 85 x 15% (1.15) = 97.75% speed.

    Ferals with image and without 4set speed inc. pvp bonus, or indoors are at 85 + 30*0.85% = 110.5%.

    While with talent and with setbonus they are at 85 + 45*0.85% = 123.25%.

    Better speed, worse stealth detection.


    just you know what movies like in Japan.

    Aug 4, 2009

    Isle of Conquest map

    Current state of wow pvp

    "Melee perma nerf" said Free to me this morning, and i cant do anything else then agree. It seems ranged and caster classes favored again and again.

    I especially disappointed in the frost mage and spriest changes. Giving mortal strike effect to the 2 classes those are already very strong. I just cant understand Blizz, i really cant. Really.

    Tomorrow you can take a destro lock(immo-CB-Incin-conflag-shadowburn-repeat) a frost mage(shatter with resilienced pets out, mortal on chill effects) a shadowpriest (critting dots, backslash effect-fu melee,instant dev plag starting dmg) and a bloodlusting shaman (totems, ghost wolf speed,+hp)healer and go 4 dps the shit outta everyone.

    3.2 patch this week(?)

    A little uncertainity in the air, but it really looks like its coming live this week.
    A huge amount of content is coming, but here are some headlines.

    New dungeons.
    New cat forms models.
    BG xp.
    New bg, season 7.
    Increased dodge from agility.
    Items with triggered effect, trigger their cd on equip.
    Resilience will fix it (or not).
    Pets with 40% of master's resilience, spell penetration.
    Redesigned paladins. Exorcism works again on players, art of war makes it instant for rets.
    Minor Mortal strike effects on empowered forstbolts and improved mind blasts.
    Shaman buff.
    Engineering buff, many new trinkets.

    Lost Lands of Zul'Gurub

    I am a sick and stubborn bastard:)
    I finished my exploit in ZG, so i quickly recorded the footages and im assembling the video right now.
    It will be available for download tomorrow./i wonder if the encoding finishes in time/
    it's gonna be AWESOME!!!

    Aug 3, 2009

    Soloing Heroics-raids part 1 - Onyxia

    I often solo old heroics or raid zones, going as far as i can. Good money, retro feeling and great challenge.


    Killing Ony is easy, even rogues can do it(ofc it is way more difficult to classes without selheal abilities).

    Killing trash is just a few minutes, wardens have hp but weak attacks that should not cause any problems to level 80's.

    You might wanna focus target ony, and maybe assign a raid sign too. It makes targeting way easier in phase 2.

    Phase 1 is tank and spank, you drag him to wall opposite where you entered the cave, far away from the eggs, and thus minimazing the chances you get wing buffeted into them.image

    Pop a few hots if you feel like it, and keep up SR’d bleeds.

    Phase 2 is not much difficult but it can confuse people. You can also land a few shreds here, as she turns her back to you to go back to the center of the room. Ony still can be attacked from below even she is in the air. The only problem you will encounter, it is pretty hard to spot where she is at exactly. So zooming out camera or raid signs can help here.

    You may also look out for whelps, they automatically spawn at start of phase 2 and continue to attack you in large groups every few minutes. A few swipes needed here, shouldnt be a problem.image

    Continue to follow Ony from below, keep up the bleeds, and try to swipe near her when whelps on you.

    Phase 3 starts soon, land combat again.

    It is almost like Phase 1, with the addition of Bellowing Roar

    , which can be pretty much negated with Primal Tenacity talent. Even is you dont have it, its more of a annoyance then a problem.

    So, 10 minutes of fight and easy money. Enjoy/sell your epics:)

    Aug 2, 2009


    Video works slowed down, not just because of the summer heat, but for the reason i go to bed so tired every night.
    I have to work A LOT, gf really wants (and deserves) to go on a vacation, and thats gonna cost me:P
    Even my car is started to make funny sounds, i better get it checked too.

    Still i hope i can finish it in a week or two.

    Pirate King from R.A.Salvatore is coming this October, a perfect gift for myself as a HC D&D-Forgotten Realms collector:)


    . . . shook its head wildly, and Guenhwyvar went flying away. Then the beast swung its head back into the room with battering ram force at Drizzt, a blow that would have killed him had it hit him squarely.

    But no one ever hit . . .


    . . . squarely."