Sep 5, 2009

I was playing some IWD2 while no customers and not much work either, and came across this beauty :))

heartofpajay xD

Sep 4, 2009

Feral <3 is in the air

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, the movie release was a time and energy consuming job:P Well not the real editing of the movie, but i spent quite a time with its proper support, promo poster, html tagging the links, color up the info summary, writing a detailed macro guide and of course replying to questions ingame, in mail or on wcm site.

And of course.. i was checking back for comments quite often:))

Still, i am very happy. Tired, but happy that many viewer liked it. There were and are a ton of really constructive feedback, which i think will improve the next movie's quality and its quality content.

I didn't really had time to arena, and the thing is i promised my friend to boost him in 2v2's for a while. Too bad he is playing with 30! resi and in greens and blues. He is like, gets oneshotted every game. But it is a challenge (of some sorts), and i often find myself in 1v2 situations lol. I'll help him out for now, but soon we'll jump in and do some serious arena.

aannnd with that, it's time to sleep. I working 12 hours on both days of this weekend. Again.

But at least car is fixed now, and its time to spend some money on the girlfriend. Afterall she also supported me, took care of me while i was busy editing and stuff:P

Nite nite all.

Sep 3, 2009

How to Feral, macro details and functions

You can find additional descriptions about the macros presented in my latest movie, „How to Feral”.

Pounce/Mangle/Pyro Rocket macro in 1

#showtooltip 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast [stealth] Pounce; Mangle (Cat)()
/startattack [nostealth]

Without pressing any modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt) this macro functions just like a normal pounce/mangle macro. It checks if the player is or not stealthed and activates pounce or mangle ability accordingly.
Pressing shift and this macro uses my Pyro Rocket gloves enchant /engineering/. I had to play around with macro line a bit, it was not functioning properly a few weeks ago. Mangle AND Pyro happened at once (often wasting energy with the additional mangle), but now pyro fires only if you press shift too.
#10 represents the gear ID of the gloves. Showtooltip option forces the macro to show the CD on Pyro(45 sec, instant cast).

Lifebloom macro with wpn swapping

This macro was used to be much more effective, before the recent healing nerf on LB. Still, it has its uses, and with some routine you can even trigger wpnswap without casting LB.

First, some basics.
Weapon, shield, idol and relic.. are allowed to be swapped in arena fights. Armor, trinkets cannot be changed during it. Swapping initiates a 1.5 seconds global cooldown, and resets swing timer. Casting LB initiates 1.5 seconds global CD as well.

Equipped healing weapon, offhand and idol gives me a lets say ~ 600 more spellpower, in addition to my Nurturing Instinct talent spell power. Not much, but definitely bigger heals can be used this way.

So we combine these two concepts. I press my LB macro (tapping my mouse wheel in the right
direction~ i use a Logitech Revolution)

#showtooltip Lifebloom
/cast Lifebloom
/equip Furious Gladiator's Gavel
/equip Handbook of Obscure Remedies
/equip Deadly Gladiator's Idol of Tenacity
/equip [modifier:alt] Furious Gladiator's Staff

LB cast is first. Global CD triggers. BUT my healing wpn swap ALSO triggers during this LB cast. So in 1.5 seconds i have a stack 1 LB on me, AND healing weapon-offhand-and healing idol equipped. The stack 1 LB uses spell power coefficients from my old gearsetup(less heal ATM) but if i decide to stack it to 2 or to 3 THEN it is gonna refresh it with the IMPROVED spell power(from healing weapons) coefficients. I can use Nourish, RJ or Regrowth with increased ealing power now.
If i decide i don't need this weapon set anymore, i can ALT click macro to restore my original feral weapons(though also casting an LB in the process).

Often we do not have time for swapping this and that in the heat of the battle. So i use the addon, Itemrack and predefined events for my feral forms. If i decide to go cat or bear, IR automatically checks for my weapons, and equips the right ones if neeeded.

I use shredding idol and feral wpn for cat; mangle idol and feral weapon for bear.

Let's move on.

In the following scenes there are quite a few restealths and shadowmelds. I use macro for these as well. As you might experienced if you use prowl, shadowmeld from the spellbook, careless double tapping makes you leave stealth.

So you may wanna use a very simple macro option, „!”.

/use [modifier:ctrl;nostealth] 8
/cast !Shadowmeld

Let's ignore the first two lines for now. /cast !Shadowmeld makes you to go into SM, and stay there, no matter how many types you tap the macro.
The ctrl modifier part represents my boot activitation, i often equip rocket boots, or nitro-boosted boots in battlegrounds.

Many of my other macros use mouseover option, which gives priority to mouseovered targets then if there is none of that, moves on to current target. Good example is the EOTS part of the movie, 7:53 to be precise. I am killing a shaman, but noting a mage nearby. I don't want spellblasted so i hover over my mousecursor on him, to the right then i use my cyclone macro. Did i not hovered my cursor over him, i would have used the cyclone on the current target, the shaman.

/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Cyclone;Cyclone
/cast [nomodifier:shift,exists,harm] Cyclone

Okay we have combatSM restealth with 176 hp, more of that later:)
Btw Free WAS kicking my ass.
He was like:
„hey what happened the other duel footages where i win?”
„yeah, i watched the whole 6 gigs of material, and i decided i can't see one clear fight where you not kicking my ass:D”

Modified SAP/POUNCE macro

I often get sapped by enemy rogues, and i always envied their sap macro. Even we are not capable of pouncing out of the 5 yards melee range, it still can be useful if properly converted for feral use.

/cleartarget [noexists]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/cast Pounce

This macro is great against stealther teams. Let's say we are facing a priest/rogue team, we have the priest running around, and the rogue is around him, somewhere, in stealth.

Now, if i start looking for the rogue, tapping my pounce macro, i will target the priest even so often. I have to detarget now to be able to pounce on the rogue.. but oh look, with all this targeting i already in sap.

So what this macro does, it is always cleartargets, but before that tries to cast pounce in a 5 yard range. Avoid the priest, stay out of his melee range (maybe a bit more far away, holy nova hits for about ~8 yards) and prowl around tapping this. I am not saying this will win the stealth fight every time, but improves your chances by a big deal.

Just a reminder, you cant pounce out of 5 yards, but you can Cat charge in 8+ yards. Daze effect destealths the rogue, enabling a sure sap by your rog teammate, or just making him spamming FOK, eventually leaving him without energy.

Powershift macro

/cast [stance:1] !Dire Bear Form
/cast [stance:2] !Aquatic Form
/cast [stance:3] !Cat Form
/cast [stance:4] !Travel Form

pretty simple, and you wont have to press cancelform THEN the wanted form ability again. Removes snares, slowing effects.

Mangle/Maul macro

#showtooltip Mangle (Bear)()
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast Maul(Rank 10)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/cast Mangle (Bear)(Rank 5)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

A mangle/maul macro for bearform, also uses pyro rocket with shift modifier. And hides error messages.

Complex Faerie Fire macro

/cast [modifier:ctrl, target=focus,harm] Faerie Fire (Feral)()
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nostance] Faerie Fire;[target=mouseover,harm] Faerie Fire (Feral)()
/cast [nostance] Faerie Fire; Faerie Fire (Feral)()

Basically it casts normal FF when in caster, feral FF when in forms(does not make you, even by accident leave forms), first looks for mouseover targets, if there is none (usually i press my right mouse button to look around, making the cursor disappear) then uses it on actual target.
It also has a focus macro option, i found it useful against rogue/feral teams.

Situation: for example we are facing a rogu/priest movie. My rog teammate saps the enemy rogue, and we move on to the priest. I focustarget the rogue. When saps about to end (and i am way to far to cyclone, or to gamble on feral charge bash and leaving the priest unattacked) i use the macro with ctrl pressed and FF the rogue. This often forces a CLOS, which makes future cyclones possible, if the fight is longer then expected.

Pounce/Rip without breaking sap

You probably already seen a good Unmercey or Akrios rogue movie. Remember how they can sap one target, cheap shot them without breaking the sap, collecting free combo points and get a restealth to assure a clean and more powerful opener soon.

As a feral this is way more tricky, simply because you have a 10 seconds CD on you prowl, unlike rogues (subtetly tree camouflage).

Still it can provide a safe restealth, or a Savage Roar buff just before entering prowl, if you are not wasting your 1 cp on rip. Count in some pillars and you are good to go!

How does it work? It is very simple. Auto attacks have a ~ 110° frontal cone, where they „reach” the target. Special abilities have a bit wider, ~130° range.

How to Feral by Starmist feedbacks

Guys, thank you so much for your support. I..i feel kinda mushy.. shame or no shame, you are awesome with your comments, feedback and ideas even with your criticsm!
GF sends kisses to all of you, she is looking at the post over my shoulder right now:)
Thank you very much.

edit: i thought this reply i made to Slycker may contain some useful addon infos to others as well!

Sep 1, 2009

The show must go on..; How to Feral final thoughts

SO its season start, everybody jumpes into the arena in a few minutes.
Don't forget only your 3v3 or 5v5 ratings are eligible for shoulder and weapon purchasing(which is silly).

The HTF movie encoding is still going on. TBH i am a bit afraid many won't like it, the second part -with some normal pvp footages- contains a few pretty disgusting and game mechanic abusing scenes (which maybe still will be a good laugh to the viewers just like it was meant to).

Part 1 is serious with all those macros and combos, arenas and duels, so i thought it would be a refreshing idea to see something new in part 2. We all know how ferals fight, pop zerk shred shred fero bite, maybe get a collectible berserker buff in wsg too..

I didn't want that, it is so mainstream. I was like "how about we take that old sap-cheap shot WO breaking sap-restealth move from the famous rogue movies, and convert it into feral?"
or "put up bleeds and MC, like we did it with Zombi in 2v2".

So don't forget IT IS a Bs Ballers trickvideo project afterall, it is meant to be like this.

How will the viewers react? I honestly do not know.
I worked hard on it to convert it into a funny/useful movie.

I hope they will like it. I hope YOU will like it.


How to Feral by Starmist

It is done.
Under encoding.