Sep 16, 2009

Men who stare at Goats trailer

okay. this is a must see. rofl.

How to Feral series (?)

fchargecat I think i can say HTF1 was a success. I’ve never thought it would be, and yet so many liked it.WoWScrnShot_090909_163405

With an awesome number, 35000~ views and a nice 4.49/5 total score, let me thank you all for voting and supporting the movie.

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So it has come to this, i am planning a second movie with the title.a

I already started “brainstorming”, my faithful notebook is filling with ideas. So far it seems, instead of macro’s there will be only pvp situations and several methods for handling them(with style!).

Arena will be included as well, preferably many many high rated and interesting fights.

All this with the usual trance music, fast paced actions and funny scenes.

When? If everything goes well, around winter. Stay tuned for updates!

Sep 14, 2009

Video Playlist and other things

You can find the new music player on the right side of the site, it contains several of my favorite tunes.

We passed 2k today, tbh the whole journey was hell. Double frost mages, plate user masses. We perfected our game in so many DK/pala, Warr/Pala matches, yet many times we were not able to score a kill.

Our last match was against a Hunter/priest; Free died at the same time as the enemy priest.
I was in a pretty bad spot with low health, but there was no flare on the ground, neither sting on me so I pulled off a SM vanish-prowl->pounce, bleeded the hunt up then bearcharged the disengage and bashed/mauled him down. Poor fellow didnt know what hit him:)
It was pretty intense fight, too bad i didnt had my fraps running.

Ptr patch updates

Looks like the new PI talent change is coming through. Finishers cause the next, less than 10 secs base cast spells to be instant casts by 20% chance per combo point.

It is a great buff yes, everybody is very happy, or very angry that we are getting this. Me, on the other hand,,, well i have my doubts or should i say i have mixed feelings about this.


More downtime in caster form, and more mana wasted. Yeah i know, instant cyclones -heals wtf are they not great? They are. You just have to look past the packaging. We have very little mana, very high spell costs and we are very squishy in caster. Although i am fine with that there should be a certain amount of danger when instant casting, i would like to see the talent also ensures a spellcast without any mana cost.

On to the other change.

Infected Wounds: The debuff generated by this talent no longer stacks and instead causes the full effect with a single application.

A great, great change. Less energy and time spent on snaring opponents, which is quite an important buffs nowadays, when there are so many jumping and grappling effects ingame. (dont forget D&D ruleversion 3 also suffered from this, and in the end they removed grappling altogether)

Sep 13, 2009

Confucius trailer

I've always adored asian history and moviemaking, there are plenty of skilled actors and directors in the region. I am particulary fond of Chow Yun-Fat's work (crouching tiger, hidden dragon;curse of golden flower), and here is another upcoming movie with his acting.