Sep 26, 2009

Obsevation of the day



HTF2, new combos in the making etc

The ideas for the new movie are piling up nicely, i already wrote a page or so full of things i want to include in it. The new PS buff make many new interesting combos available(short blogvid about them later on, just dont tell the devs;) )

Yesterday night i logged in for a few honorfarming bg's with Lori's priest, and clashed with Azgaz from Al'Akir in some epic fights. Few of you may remember him, he was a very active movie maker and feral druid from the TBC times, i saw all his movies and worshipped him as well :))

So it was awesome to play against him in some hectic fights. He is a monster among ferals, even in hateful's and deadly's. He was ripping his way through the masses, and when we met i had to use every trick in my book to keep up with him! We were exchanging instant cyclones, i threw in some SMvanish-prowl and reopen with dots;) Couldnt really finish either fight in 1v1, there were too many other players around, but i hope i will meet him again. He is excellent. (pics later!)


Reckful (you may remember the name) is started his new site not long ago, and there are constant streams from him and/or from his friends.
Arena, Aion etcetc. Very nice definitely worth to take a look.

Sep 25, 2009

Curse 3 trailer

There is nothing like playing rogue. It has been one of the most favorite classes to make movies with, due to the insane amount of tricks you can pull off.
And if the player is chinese and a friend of Geforce too, well you can expect something awesome.

Kitty kitty

First of all hun ISP, UPC is shit. Fuk them,
Okay with that out of the system, onto more happier thoughts.

WoWScrnShot_092509_103252 BS Ally actually defended WG keep –tears of joy-

WoWScrnShot_092509_122759 1shotting wounded mage from stealth with SR up


not having resi in pvp is a big NONO

Also HI to dispellers, get ready to spamdispelled in cat. After a few hours of testing i must say the new PS fits into feral play perfectly.

A quick HT heal or root is awesome. It doesnt seem to OP now, we are talking about 5k HT heals(non crit) and 0.5k wraths. (its a differens story if you spend another 1.5gcd to swap to spell power weapons;) then we can do 8k-11kHTs and 1k-1.5k wraths).

I really hope this wont get nerfed, im crossing my fingers. As i said earlier on a wowforum post, then shifting actually means at least 3 seconds of downtime. (spellcastGCD + SHIFT again), and piling up 5 combo points for a sure PS proc is bothersome, especially on high dodge % targets (okay SR is another thing but then you are not riping or F.biting for a time!)

You can go lucky with 1 cp all right, but the real problem is everyone having with this new ability are those pesky instant cyclones you can rotate on different targets to prevent healing and/or/then prevent getting healed.

Without MS and us relying on controlled amount of bursts maybe ,mayyybe this still could be left alone. Im afraid nerfing cyclone or touching cyclone in any way could really fuk up druids.

Counter it with pressure on cat form druid, and lots of pre and post dispels.

Gotta run, will post later!

Sep 23, 2009

New Predatory Strikes

15 sec of magical buff. Dispellable.Refreshes on every cat finisher with a good chance. Starfire is a big nono, hibernate,cyclone,heals,root,wrath is a go. Instants DOESNT CONSUME IT.


Instant cyclones #1

Okay it 30 minutes back to test it:P

Damn i dont think this will gonna stay live, devs prob gonna change it to “next healing spell is instant cast” or something.

Pounce-mangle-tf-shred-FB;rake—>instant cyclone—>SR—restealth—>reopen OKAY GIF


Just a minor update.
Nagrand, BE, DS arena columns are now square.
Makes pillar humping a bit more difficult.

Sep 22, 2009

So its live

The 3.2.2 is coming this week, with the long awaited feral instant casts.
Maim, SR, FB and Rip is gonna activate it with 20% chance per Combo Point.

I already see the river of tears and hear the loud cries calling for nerf in the following weeks. (which may as well happen, thanks to the unpredictable dev team)

Imho it is gonna be OP yes in experienced feral hands. And I'm gonna love it.

I will test some things when its live on EU realms.
-Does SR activates it? Really?
-Instants will consume the buff?
-Lower cp finishers overwrites higher cp finishers?

Infected Wounds is 1 stack now. Easier to apply easier to dispel. rawr? *confused*

Sep 21, 2009

Wizard Cleave's


Originally Posted by Aliandren
it's great with arms warrior applying -50% spell damage to one of them.

This is what I've been doing:

Lock/Mage - me on mage war on lock.
Lock/Ele - me on lock war on ele
Mage/Ele - me on mage war on ele

Originally Posted by Felic View Post
Well I mean what setups are you even running? If you are running a cleave which I suppose you to as Feral can you not just sit on 1 target like the warlock and gank the shit out of him??? 1 Dps alone wont kill you?

let's say you're running my comp (arms/feral/holy) and you do that, this is what will happen.

Shaman hex's paladin
Mage Sheeps warrior
Mage begins shatter combo on me
Warlock deathcoils me into immolate.
Warlock chaos bolt into conflag on me.
I die.

Out of Range 3 - feral movie

A fellow feral player's movie. Contains very nice fights and arena tips against setups and classes. A must-watch.

Early S7 experiences

Hey guys sorry for the slow blog updates (i am back writing my thesis work, a few of you may remember the “no sleep, 3 months and 20 exams till june deadline” adventure).WoWScrnShot_092009_201517

Arena. You love it you hate it. There were times yesterday, when i wanted to crush my keyboard:P (we were more on the hate side rawr)

So we got to 2095, steady, good runs with nice combined dps, nasty cc chains when we again met prot paladins. Prot+dk, prot warr. And double frost mages. Ah we just couldnt do anything, we got demoralized too so we fell back 1920~. Then we climbed back to 2k but it wasnt our best night.

Dk and ret is still strong, i really would remove dk pets in general, the class already have so many copycat abilities its selfsustaining.

Mages are insane. I played it, i remember it and still i am amazed how fluid is a good frost mage’s playstyle. Minor mortal strike on chilled effects are unnecessary, and with my reduced LB and heal effectiveness (spell steals,control>feral mana) i really have a hard time keeping up with the mage. I won, i lost 1v1’s, but sometime the 3 type of freeze and the constant slows, feigdeathlike toon summon seems too much(poor rogues).


Priests and rogues are managable, though its a bit sad how rogues were left behind with all the buffs and fixes.

Destro locks are the real glass cannons now, it “only” takes an Immolate to crit the shit out of somebody:)

I really waiting for the earthen power nerf, the kiting –running ench shamans are not fun for double melee:)

Warriors are a very good spot now. Good dps, improved control, very very good mobility and survival CD’s. They are difficult but it is allright.

Overall, everybody has problems, a lot of us struggles now. Free even talked to some of the guys we played against, and they also had a tough times with prot paladins in general. Maybe a little fix is not too much to ask.

Still we are going on, there are plenty of things to improve in our setup too. Then again, this is what its all about no? Fighting, not giving up.

~your casual, silly and noob feral druid