Oct 3, 2009

Remote Desktop over internet

Ever wondered how nice it would be to connect with the powered computer at home and look up some files when needed? Or just check on the downloads?

Lets look at the things we have to set up to get this work.

I have a DSL connection, and between the ADSL modem (provided by ISP) and the computer i also have a Linksys WRT54G imagerouter connected for additional security and services.

DHCP handling is done by the router, with the given username and password (PPPoE connection is used).image I am using the default IP address of the router, which –in most cases- is, but with a modified subnet mask,! This will be important later on.

image To reach my computer through the router i have to specify a static IP address to the desktop workstation, because i am going to use this address in the router configurations to establish a solid and functioning connection between the two. As you can see my static computer ip and my subnet mask is the same i used in the router configuration,!

Also, as gateway(and preferred dns server) i am using the router’s ip address, which is to establish the functioning internet connection.

Now i also have to enable this checked option here, to let me able to connect with the remote desktop service.

image Okay lets stop for a moment. We have a static IP addressed computer connected with a Linksys router which is handling the DSL connection and the DHCP addressing.


We have working internet, and we have enabled other users to remotely connect us when using remote desktop service. Will they be able to do so? Will i be able to connect to my computer from work or from another workstation? Not yet.

Apart from some security things, we simply still cannot “dial” our computer or our router from the internet. The router uses different IP addresses every now and then and it is very difficult to track these addresses from the outside. But we need this information to be able to build the connection. So what to do?

Head to dyndns.com and register(free!). Set up a DNS service , type in the host name you want, and select 'Host with IP address' under service type. Also click 'Use Auto Detected IP Address xxx.xxx.xxx' to assign your IP now.image 

After all your information has been entered, select 'Create Host'. This should now take you to a list of your Dynamic DNS hostnames. If you want to add more, just click 'Add New Hostname' in the upper right hand corner of the page. Your hostname is now set up! Now lets assign it to your computer.

We will use our new hostname for remote desktop dialing, because this hostservice will always “know” our current IP address.

Just a few more things, so bear with me:)

In the router we have to set up the DDNS service here :image Enter the dyndns.com username and pw and the hostservice address (myip.homeip.net).

Head over to portforwarding and set up a port for the ddns service to be able build a connection with. imageI am using port 3389. So when im gonna “dial” my computer via remote desktop, im gonna use the address “myip.homeip.net:3389” instead of any ip addresses of my computer (which are different every time just as we mentioned).

Last thing to do, specify a password on my user account. This will be needed for security reasons when connecting with remote desktop.

Now start up the remote desktop service from another internet connected computer, and enjoy remotely managing everything on your home workstation with ease and with relative safety!


Next time i will be posting on how to power up our computer remotely.


Faction change

nah i would rather stay Night Elf



New patch is coming. A few fresh dungeons and many bug and tooltip fixes so far.

Important changes are:

- Rogues actually getting buffed.. or fixed. The long awaited vanish fix is coming with this patch. Vanish will give a 1 second immunity from all attack, spells and abilities. This change will surely prevent the ability breaking from auto attacks and even faerie fires, but also denies any more proninja moves to sap vanishing targets (rog vs rog). image - All pets gain passive AOE dmg reduction, but no longer from pvp AOE attacks. This change is actually huge. Pets already have a decent amount of health and resilience, and i hate it when i spend gcd-triggering aoe abilities to spread out dmg and its hitting for 140~200 on them. Mage mirrors will be killed faster now i hope, just like balance druid treants.

My birthday is coming this month 18., and im planning a computer upgrade (need more raw comp power for htf2!:P). And getting an electric guitar. Lol im kinda into it, i’d like to try it out but im sure its damn difficult to play on one. Still:P

Sep 30, 2009

Old Login Screen

Tbh i not very big fan of the new wotlk login screen. The dragon is very noisy and annoying, and i found myself many times hitting the mute btn just for those few seconds until i get into the game.

This little mod restore the old, pre-bc login screen. It is very nice, calm and user friendly imho. You just have to unpack the attached zip file and copy the content into the wow/data directory.

WoWScrnShot_092809_142912 http://www.filefront.com/14632047/patch-a.zip

CAUTION: Remove this FILE ON PATCH DAYS or it (and any other mod like this) will corrupt you wow install.

Operation: Auction House

Lets face it, gold is needed. No surprise there are so many gold seller sites now. MMO-champion posted 2 very helpful post, with all the compiled info beginners will need.
You can check out these posts here:

There are still no hotfix for Predatory Strikes, it looks like we really have been buffed. It fits in the feral arsenal nicely, though somehow you have to get used to it and to the timing of the instant casts. As almost every night we played some bg's again with Zordok yesterday aswell, and it is mad how long can you hold off a bunch of hordies with a priest, especially when you can contribute to the cc and to the healing more then ever before.

I am still debating whether i should change my blue gems(2x +10 agi +15 sta) for Stormy Zircons +50 spell penetration is huge against auras and innate spell resistances. Mages, palas and druids can really be problems when you're casts are resisted. Of course my healing weapon and offhand is giving +60~ spell resistance, but often i don't have time for swap weapons when i am instant casting(and i want to instant cast cuz i can rawr)

Sep 28, 2009

My all in 1 healing macro

Usable from forms with the right modifiers.

/cast [modifier:ctrl,target=mouseover,nodead,help][modifier:ctrl; target=target] Nourish;[modifier:alt,target=mouseover,nodead,help][modifier:alt; target=target] Healing Touch;[target=mouseover,help][help,nodead][target=player] Regrowth



“ We had it all along “cough ”“ achi…  nooo oo o oo … . .. ..