Oct 8, 2009

Tier 10 Druid Gear Design


I really like the colours, but im not a big fan of the helm looks. The set bonuses are:


Tier feral 4setbonus is just the best bonus ever. Too bad gearing up for it in pvp enviroment would mean –15% speed in forms and a lot less resilience. But Rake critting?.. hell yes.

Oct 7, 2009

Working out

Health is not overrated. Since i finished all exams I am trying to get back into shape with running three times a week and working out every night.
I decided i need a more tasking exercise plan and diet, so i'm joining my friend's p90x adventure. 90 days of vigorous training, which can easily drive you mad :)

Im not hopeless atm but im not happy with certain areas. So it is time to get my shit together and work on it. "Never ever quit" as they say, i suspect it is gonna be hard but rewarding.
okay offtopic and ramblings out~

Cleave vs. RMP

My job and is my duty to quote something of a tactic against RMP's as a melee cleave. Posted by Mewnfare, one of the best.
Originally Posted by Latino View Post

against RMP i lost 6 times yterday, i tried going priest as u said... and they don't go war, they go me. i stun the rogue, i can get the cyclone off on him, but the mage chain polys my pally and i never get heals, then he is counter spelled, i interrupt frostbolt each 15 sec, basically they force me on bear, my war only goes on the priest, sometimes he goes rogue to peel him off me coz i can't even cyclone with rogue on me... what are we doing wrong?
if you are on the priest, and they are on you, the pally should be chain sac early in the game(so he cant get sheeped), you should get the open on the priest, have your warrior try to shout the rogue out.

sit on the priest, when rogue gets on you, trinket kidney, and get freedom AFTER youre done being stunned. if you get blinded, pally bops you, when you get freedom, warrior blade storms, you drop priest before the 2 sacs wear off. if you arent killing the priest within that time, probably a gear problem or you are doing something wrong, usually a bash or maim in the bladestorm seals the deal. if you dont have freedom,and they are on you, your warrior needs to be on the mage to innterupt till freedom is back and you switch to the priest, unless the mage is low, and save FC till after the blink for the mage if you are on him.

mainly, focus less on cc vs rmp, they will always win the cc game, you need to force them defensive and keep it that way till the priest or mage is dead."

words of wisdom my friends, words of wisdom.

Oct 6, 2009

Spell damage atm

It has became very popular recently. No mortal strike effect but you dont really need one, you just nkeep on nuking.
What really bothers me, wizard cleave members dont even cc, at least not the DD members. The healer often toss a Hex or P.Scream, because he is so free of pressure he dont even has to heal the party. While somebody on the other team is constantly dieing.

Train the feral, collect the points.

Very sad and very true. We have almost no defense against spell damage, barkskin and protector of the pack is weak/not popular.

The best you can do, is to split dps and cc on each of the enemy DD members. This requires a certain amount on independence, a god knowledge of your class and of the enemy's. A real challenge, a real test of skill. It is very easy to die, very easy to make mistakes.

I find it a bit disturbing that Destro lock damage is above the roof. I often wear 800~ resilience and i still receive 8k+8k bursts in 1 second. Chaos bolt , instant Incin from melee dmg and conflagrate is something that should be redesigned.

It is the same with Lava Burst. I mean with Lava Burst not consuming Flame Shock, which without any setbonuses lasts about 20~ seconds and makes the shamans job a whole lot easier.

And RMP is still going strong.

I am not playing arena for a few days, i have a lot to do and i dont like to quarrel over stupid things with friends and arenapartners out of frustration(not mine). My motto is try to enjoy the unbalanced, yet very fun game we are playing and keep your friends close and dont say mean things to them (not me again). Better to have people you have to depend on rather to make enemies out of them. Hello Callof Duty 4 and Gears of War HC with Zordok:)