Oct 28, 2009

PTR: PS fix


  • Predatory Strikes: The Predatory Swiftness buff from this talent now has an 8-second duration.


Good to know there are still developers looking out for us. Im not saying this is great but hey.. 8 sec actually gives you some time to plan ahead and with in a fight.

SO, thank you Blizz.

Visit in Orgrimmar

3 rogues and 1 feral.

Lots of enemy rogues and hordies looking for us. We even had one low lvl horde spotter BE palading on vent (i loved when i mc capped him, his friends killed him instantly lol) and lots of lots of fun!

2 calm shamans throwing practice heals on themselves. 4 stealthers gibbed them in a second then bambam 3 vanishes – rocket boots-sm-prowl.


Oct 27, 2009

Stargate Universe

the following picture contains no reasons im watching the show


none at all.

Oct 26, 2009

Proof Feral's are overpowered

Leaving the RAGE train

ah this kinda action always makes me smile when playing cod 4

PTR: PS nerf explained, All aboard the RAGE TRAIN

We made the change to discourage a very specific form of gameplay. Specifically, this was:

1. Get the proc, but don't use it.
2. Build up 5 more cps on the target.
3. Now Cyclone before you do another finishing move.
4. Let your energy fill to full.
5. As soon as the Cyclone ends, unleash a huge Ferocious Bite with 5 cps and full energy.

Aside from the very high damage of an almost unpreventable Ferocious Bite, this way of using the proc worked counter to what we were trying to encourage. It's often easy for melee classes to get tunnel vision and just unleash every attack on the same target rather than switching targets or otherwise responding to what is going on in the fight. We'd rather see the proc get used to Cyclone say a healer or someone chasing your teammates.

In short, the intent was to give cats more team utility, not to give them a delivery mechanism for guaranteed full Ferocious Bites. With this change it will be risky or impossible to sit on the proc for long.

Lead Systems Designer

I swear this guy hates us. I am simply cannot put my disappointment into words. This theory fails so badly, when there are so overpowered wizard cleaves are running around they dont even have to toss 1 fucking cc during the fight. 5 second duration? Useless. I proc the buff with my finisher (which means -1 second gcd already) throw in some lag and you are there with only 3 seconds to find some in 20 yards to throw this shit on. But throw it fast boy, dont even look around of there is an already hand shaking bladestorm ready warrior on your back or a rogue just waiting to kidney you for that nice incoming shatters. You want to chain it with the team cc? Forget it, it is gonna be more annoying than useful now. A world pvp buff. Great for duels!

I cant believe this guy is a lead designer. He POSTS an OVERCOMPLEXED strategy HE IS WORRIED ABOUT. Woah! Yeah thank god i just walk up to that target get that 5 cp - SR finisher- proc that once again get 5 cp (while enemy is standing still ofc) CYCLONE HIM THEN ACTUALLY "
Let your energy fill to full" ahhahahahahaaa like theyre gonne let that happen and GO FOR A DEVASTATING FB! 9k! and i spent all my energymy TF and all that time for this...