Nov 7, 2009


-Im gonna dream about fat asian kids with dr pepper bottles in hand screaming and chasing me. fk
-Reckful fought well, but B.Bashers are just disgustingly good.
-Hero class kiting ftw, poor Woundman spent looong seconds rooted.

Dragon Age: Origins

I loved Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege and Mass Effect. But i loved most the Baldur's Gate series, and haven't played a game this good since then.

100 amazing druid tips - 2009 (and counting!)

Nov 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Well i think sex appeal has a large role in my arena success, the other team is usually too busy fondling themselves to my amazing night elf body, instead of focusing on the game."

Nov 4, 2009



Otherworld glitch

This is around for some time now, so i thought i give it a try. Basically you travel to northrend, mount up your flying mount on ship or on zeppelin as soon as world map travelling fades. (avoid contact with land) Get to a location, fly high as possible, use this macro to DC:

/run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg,type,lang,chan) scm("\124cFF00FFCC\124Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0 :0: \124h" ..msg.. "\124h\124r",type,lang,chan);end;

Log back on (sometimes you have to try several times), and if all worked then you are in a '”parallel” wow universe. Avoid contact with water now, cuz its gonna dc you instantly.

Please handle this with discretion, thank you for Order of the HIdden Eye and MMowned.

A vid showing you how it is done: