Nov 21, 2009

Star Trek Gag Reel

I loved this little compilation just as much i loved the new movie itself! Fun!

Nov 18, 2009

How to Feral 2 – sneak peek


trick #42 – “Cat Vanish”
Restealth on demand. Situational, only usable in world pvp or in duels. Needs a low hp, quickly killable mob in close vicinity. Focus this mob. During fight check your stealth-prowl cd, time a quick kill on the focused mob (oneshot it if you can) with focus spell kill, or with engineering. You leave combat even youre engaged with the enemy player, and you can restealth.

Most of my creative energies are channeled into my thesis work atm, but as a little appetizer, this short video introduces one of the many tricks you can expect in HTF2.

Nov 17, 2009

How to Feral 2: sneak peek inc

So im making a short vid to introduce what you can expect in the next installment of the HTF series (well wannabe series). It consist (only) 1 trick which is not widely known, but very very useful if you are out there fighting world pvp or duels.
What you need is mediocre situational awareness, nothing serious, im sure you will be able to pull it off just like me, or even better.

Oh and how many other tricks i collected for the movie already you ask?

41 more.

Curious yet?

Stay tuned, im just starting editing.

Once feral, always feral

Nov 16, 2009


This beauty is a musthave for a hardcore collector like myself:) (im getting it around xmas with some other goodies)


well waohh the last 2 days were tough. i worked 12 hours yesterday, worked on my thesis work whenever i got the chance. arrived at home around 11~, then started to work out till 1:30am. yoga X rawr.

gf was sick so she couldnt join me, instead she sit the couch and watched me smiling while i was sweating like a pig.

tony , p90x you are bastards. but awesome workouts:)

today, well today i just got home, my coat is still on me, and i haven’t eat a hot meal yet. im tired i spent most of the day measuring wifi signals, and updating database for the thesis work.

i got repaired my car’s door completely today, i couldnt turn the keys in it, so it is there. brand new, i even found a new one with the right color!

i bought a few visual tuning things too, but i still havent come around to screw them into the right places.

if there is any arena today, im not sure i will want to play. i would rather just take a shower watch some tv series episodes and read some good fantasy books (erevis cale triology ftw).

oh yeah and im glad i have so much to do. i have jobs, i have many assignement, work, im healthy and you know what i feel okay.

im okay.

cu tomorrow