Nov 26, 2009

Diminishing returns table

from Wowwiki


a bit outdated here and there, but still gives a great overview of DR

Nov 24, 2009

ESL Intel Extreme Master Championship review – Day 1

You can look at the current standings at

Very good matches. Some thoughts on them.

I. ROX vs Pincho.Wow RMP  3-1

ROX’s RMP put out insane pressure on Pincho’'s paladin every match. First 2 matches on Bades Edge, and on the second fight awesome Mass Dispel at the moment the pally bubbled. Pincho won 1 Dalaran arena match and saved some face.

II. X6tence vs. Rocknroll Pigtails 3-2 H-DK-Palavs Ferl-Rog-DPriest

The first match (Nagrand) Feral-rog simply blew up the DK in a few second. They did such a bestial dps everybody was just gasping. 0-1

The second match Evleh was gibbed due to some combined, very tough, payback X6 dps. 1-1

Third match was quite long, many cc’s, Evleh under pressure. He struggled around the Nagrand pillars, somehow survived. Bloódx’s cds were consumed in the first few minutes, and after that he simply couldnt survive. 2-1

4th match, Ruins. Quick sap on paladin, but divine sac is already up so it breaks. Cyclone on pala now, nice cc’s. Evleh is going down hard, but psyhic scream cd just fades and he survives with the X6 team feared. Switch on Hunter, and after deterrence he goes down. 2-2

5th and a very very close match. Hard start on DK, expose armor up too. X6 on priest, RP switches to hunter. Priest goes down a bit sooner, but even after that, for loong seconds hunter crawls around with only 1k hp. Finally paladin outheals him. 3-2


Random matches feral-mage

we just fooled around in skirmish, but tbh i kinda like the setup:)

Nov 22, 2009

Draintrain 3v3

a not too old vid. WLD.

Huns on wow tournament

Finally, some fellow national players are going on to the next wow european championship. Draintrain and Lopakodoo were Blackout firsts several times and seasons. I've played against them, and all i can say they are scary with their perfect gameplay. I will be rooting for them, some really enjoyable matches are guaranteed.(hydra kalimist! omgomg)