Dec 5, 2009

Tankz is on a crusade!

E-hero Tankz hates ferals with a burning passion. I only know the (h)eman since 4 days, but the way he talks about us is priceless:D

[11:20] rezzick: ferals can go die in an atomic fire with Tankz eating marshmellows roasted by their burning corpses.
[11:21] Tankz: he's right th

ah its good to know, we are not so weak atm.

btw Tankz mom scolding Tankz on Xfire live stream was my favourite moment of the week. BAD BOY xD

Dec 4, 2009

HTF 2 infos

So i just wanted to give you a heads up about the project. Bad news first.

I am very sad but it is gonna take a little more time to finish the movie. I will be ready to release it somewhere around January. I have to focus more on my thesis work atm, and on the final exam coming up just in early January.

Good news. Movie is going to be released in high quality, in resolution 1280x960, with comments with nice looking fonts. There were some requests to include open pvp and bg’s (again)not just arenas, so i will work on that. There also will be duels, all in exotic exploration places, including some unique fighting moves. Music choice is vocal trance, all very delightful tunes.

Tbh i am very excited about it, and i want it to be perfect. Even i am still a young feral, and nowhere a pro, I will give my best to make it meet your expectations.

Thank you for your patience, and for your support.

Addon spotlight: FbN & Snowfall

An interesting, very helpful addon to maximize dps. Tracks temporary buffs, and procs, helps out with suggestions for the next move. It could be a very good starting pve addon if you wanna dish out some serious damage and learn how to do it.

The second addon i want to introduce, is Snowfallkeypress. It makes abilities function, they rather activated on key press rather then releasing the key. It does speed up things, and i found it very useful in pvp situations. My formshifting is definitely quicker, and in hectic fights every fragment of second counts.