Dec 12, 2009

3.3 Envenom spec by Kalimist

3.3 post thoughts


Scourge Strike got nerfed only 2 days after the release of patch. It dealt physical and shadow damage at the same time, and sometimes both critted foran overall damage of 14k~. I feel a bit bad for them though, they got nerfed pretty hard in the last months.

COI: There is some bug which prevents it to apply more than 1 target. Blues stated it is not working as it should so a quick fix is on the way.


Conflag dmg got tuned down a bit, but they are still as dangerous as ever. The conflag dot is capable of critting, and overall burst is only a bit lower.

Elemental shamans

Elemental Mastery now gives a 15% haste for 15 seconds. I am pretty sure this is a buff and not a nerf;) Lava burst still hits for the same insane amount, and Fire Nova stun is removed. Instead when glyphed, every type of Fire Totem can be used to trigger a new spell, Fire Nova for a quite high amount (3-4k noncrit) damage with a 3 SEC CD. It triggers gcd, doesnt need LOS cost ~1k mana. So look out for its placement!

Shadow priests

are so dmn HC now. DT and VT benefits from haste now, dots are ticking so fast most times you will be gasping how much burst do they have now. Imp. DT deals 3k’s upon debuff, spammable. Mind numbing poison bugged out with the new hasted DT and VT, it actualy increases their duration, rather then slowing down the occurance of ticks. (fix is inc)


Explosive trap with trap mastery and decent stats now deals around 1k noncrit, 1.5k crit tick. Hunters not really want to spend talent points on the thing even less using a trap glyph, but it could happen to you.

3.3 feral weapon swap macros (with commentary video lolz!)

So after some testing i am sure, that automated weapon and idol swapping is a prohibited action while in combat.

You can still swap weapons, but it triggers some nasty and extra GCD’s now. Let me show you what i am talking about.

---innc video---

Still there is a problem with this. If you are pressing it while not in gcd, you shift and your weapons wont be swapped until you press the shift macro again.

So you have to spam it to be sure. Still it is not so big of a problem because i rarely swap to healing anyways.

The macros i am using are (i exluded the wrath spell command part, ):

/cast [modifier:alt] Wrath
/use [nostance:1]!Dire Bear Form
/equip [stance:1] Relentless Gladiator's Staff
/equip [stance:1] Idol of Mutilation

Dec 9, 2009

Bugs and goodies

make note i didnt get to test these... yet, but there are some AJ and wowforum posts about them.

Druids cannot shift out of spell reflected roots.
No DR on Roots, every time it lasts for 10 seconds, target becames immune after the 3rd cast as intended though
Catswipe doesnt work onmage pets but bearswipe does.

The things i tested.
You can still pounce/ravage a deflectioned hunter from stealth.
I ditched my old shifting macros, and started using new ones like

/use [nostance:1]!Dire Bear Form
Now, spamming this when you get stunned in cat for example, wont accidentaly shift you out to caster anymore (most annoying thing when you are focused on). You stay in the current form, when freezing trapped or kidneyed.

Infected wounds is in the physical category from now on. image

You can apply it on CLOSed rogues and on AMSd DK's.

The new LFG system is flashy, useful and is a nice addition. I love the new map system as well.

I do not like though the UI changes, which rendered addons like Outfitter, Itemrack and Closetgnome near useless. Being in combat and swapping weapons and idols somehow is slower and with these addons are not working. (all this to prevent rogues from poison swapping)

Now i do use a mangle idol in bear, and Shred idol in cat, (yeah i know idol swapping is bad, resets you swing timer ..>>bad bad bad. do not do this especially if you are pve, stick to the Idol of Mutilation) and sometimes i even swap to healing wpns and idol when in caster. I am still not sure if this only a temporary problem or something i have macro my way through.

New dungeons are cool, scripted events are cool, but of course these will fade into boredom soon.(old stratholme event anyone?)

Oh and there some rumours that Scourge Strike is buffed, i still have to check that out tomorrow.

3.3 Addon survival guide

click click


"Cat Anti-Cat/Rogue Opener a.k.a. "Ghetto Sap"

/cleartarget [noexists, stealth]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/use [stealth] Pounce; Rake
/use [nostealth] 10
/cleartarget [noexists, stealth]

* Will Pounce anything in range but clear ranged targets, fire up hand tinker if not stealthed and use Rake out of stealth. Spam this when searching for that elusive rogue or cat. Not entirely sure how it works, but it does. Starmist credit for the idea, Coldbear for the successful addition of Rake. Might be a few too many modifiers, but ...yeah. "


not only devs changed the API, and i cant use my itemrack and idol swapping anymore (not even with macros)
but leaving a heroic grp earlier(work) forced me to wander around in ghost form, cuz reentering the dungeon wont rez me, and my corpse is nowhere to be found!

hurrayyy 3.3!

<3 wowhead for listing the spirit healer places!

"Then let them COME"

3.3 loot

Trinkets , trinkets

Herkuml War Token

Deathbringer's Will

Needle-Encrusted Scorpion

full loot list here:

Dec 8, 2009

Random bg's

i had some bg footages from Justicar title farm. I think quality is pretty good, i am sticking to the current encoding options from now on:)

this 1:30m vid took 3 hours to get encoded though o.O :P