Dec 18, 2009

Ashen Verdict dps ring

My next gearupgrade is gonna be:

ashen I am changing my +92 hit rating pvp trinket for the resilience one, and regemming some extra +hit, once i will have my hands on this baby.

Proc is 1ppm, with a 10%~ proc chance on hit. 480 ap is simply too good to pass on.

PW Shield (note to myself)

"In PvP, this spell can be a huge boon to bestow on Rogues and Feral Druids. Any damage taken will unstealth a character. However, if you Power Word: Shield a Rogue, AoE damage that doesn't get through the shield is absorbed, which greatly increases the difficulty of finding a Rogue by laying down an AoE. Power Word: Shield will also absorb the damage from DoT's, allowing DoT'd Rogues to Vanish safely. Just know that if the AoE or DoT damage is greater than the shield will take, then the actual character will take damage and stealth will become undone." - Wwiki

Dec 17, 2009

Post patch thoughts

First, I WANT TO PLAY ARENA. Arrgghhh:) But we couldnt for a week, everybody is very busy, i just completed my thesis work, Free and Tilly also have school things to care about. On top of that Xmas craziness is here too (not that i complained yesterday when i had to go shopping with teh girls. You know, hot 20yo~ with lingerie tryons, umm yes do want more lolz) Anyway i am hoping to play some games this saturday, i really want to cleave out some qq tickets this weekend. imageOther things. Rogues 3.3 - Envenom build

This is just hardcore. Huge buff, huge damage increases. The likeliness of applying Deadly Poison is now around 50% when talented and used corectly, even without every key talents it makes sure you will have a poison on ticking for ~1.1k’s every 2 seconds.image Finisher envenoms hit targets for 4-6-8k critz, and bearform and heavy armor is totally ignored. Partial resist are rare and very little. Now i am forced to play even better than ever, against an opening rogue. Contrary to vids where ferals start with bearform, i always go cat and risk the saps in a duel (which are, 70% of the times do land on me) against a rogue.image Now, that bearform is even more useless than before, i am forced to go out and attack in cat. With two evasions up, that is quite a difficult thing to do. I am trying to play with cat form sprint – travel and range while my abolish clears at least 2 stacks of poison. Free knows what i am trying to do, and it makes almost impossible to pull off (that is what i like, cuz i am a mazochist idiot, and i want to try against all odds anyway:D). Many times i have to depend on clutch pyro rockets and FC’s to prevent restealths, and time my Shadowmeld perfectly. I will probably make a short vid out of the duels and keep the better ones for the movie. image

Dec 16, 2009

Scarecrow feral movie

My Rig (mobile pic lq)

Simple, powerful. Logitech Revolution + Logitech G15 keyboard, best controllers i have ever played with. I just bought a solid Razer mousemat too, was cheap but it is still very dependable.
Inside there is a gigabyte mofo with 7.1 sound and all extras + Amd Phenom x2 720 BE 3.2ghz~ + radeon 4850.
(aaand there is a feral tiger in the pic somewhere! omg)

Dec 14, 2009


We played 14-3(1dc) last night with our brand new 3v3 team (feral-rogue-priest). The comp is insane, very very strong and has a lot of cc's.

Free was throwing around awesome saps before and during fights, communication and morale was insane good.

We were blowing up people in globals, and even in long, good fights, against double healer teams we managed to collect many points. Heavy training on the warrior, mana burn on paladin and various cc's on shaman won all the games for us. In one of the games, i successfully bashed shaman cast, feral charged another from paladin and killed warri with Free in a moment.

Envenom build damage is through the roof, even i have problems against it (6-7k envenoms on bearform, 1.1k dot ticking).

I am very happy with this team, and with the teammembers. Tilly is a solid priest and i finally have someone, who totally knows what he and the enemies can do in pvp.


Upcoming feral vid

My good friend, Dream just told me yesterday he is soon to be ready with his new feral vid.
It is much anticipated, and i can tell him it is gonna be posted on this very site for sure! :)
gif gif!

Weapon switch macro vid

Full post here.

Dec 13, 2009

What is TSG?

strat quotes from AJ
"paladin stuns healer, healer trinkets.
paladin stuns healer, DK silences healer, squishiest target dies"

"CC rotation is, charge priest HoJ priest, bladestorm priest, strangulate priest and warrior fears to confuse priest team members "