Dec 26, 2009

Merry Xmas! #2


Nevermelting Ice Crystal
Equip: Increases spell power by 111.
Use: Increases your critical strike rating by 920 (20.04%) for 20 sec. Every time one of your non-periodic spells deals a critical strike, the bonus is reduced by 184 critical strike rating. (3 Min Cooldown)
Just got my hands on this, and while i know this is a caster trinket (i have a trinket collecting madness) equipped for a feral it gives a minor ColdBlood effect for the next attack.

Using it, and with idol proc up i have 79% crit:)

A fun thing, but take note the effect's stack reduced with every auto attack hit, so time your fero.bites:P

Dec 25, 2009

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Hereby i state that COD6 is the BEST fps game i have EVER PLAYED.

I just cant put it into words how awesome it is.



Merry Xmas!

-shortvid inc-

Frost mage duels more or less completed, thanks to Kefux and to Screamxd. As you can see h2f status will be updated from now on. Thank you for your patience and for your support, and i wish you all a very happy christmas:)

Dec 24, 2009

Cinema 2009

Renee Olstead - Skylark (jazz)

Hehe maybe i got some issues but i don't only listen to trance :P I am a hC fan of Jamiroquai and of Renee Olstead since i listened to her first album. The second once is just as fabulous :P Sweet, light music for some laid back, relaxing times.

If you don't like jazz, then first pic is just for you as an apology xD
Btw 2k in 3v3.

Dec 23, 2009

Eviscerate X

It is out, and i cannot wait till i get home to watch it! :P
(Free is already KO'd somewhere in front of the monitor, or on his knees taking care of his Akrios shrine in the corner xD)


If you did see Rocknroll Pigtails a couple of weeks back on ESL, then you may know what i am talking about:)

Teams with resto druids (WLD perhaps) can be really forced into defensive with this simple strat. Free starts on resto with CS+Gouge+Kidney while i go all out on lock. If we can't force a trinket on the druid in the first 13 seconds of lockdown (than i am bad) blind, rog joins me on lock and I cyclone the (now absolutely sure) trinket use on resto.

I cant be gripped (DK) away cuz i am not using feral charge with opening (hello catstep), warrior can't root me down and i even can use instant cyclone on the third member of the enemy team or on lockpet to negate soulink damage reduction.

Most of the times my priest is totally free to dispel, do damage or do whatever he wants, we are quickly on the offensive and we are controlling the game from start to finish.

We did lose 4 games today though against Badrasta's RMP. Badrasta is playing with his rogue partner for a long time, and they simply blow us up with perfect gameplay. What we have to do is to coordinate our teamplay even better, but so far i am very pleased with the fresh team and with the teammembers.

We are actually having a lot of fun, which is the most imnportant thing playing wow!

Dec 22, 2009


some matches today:) Lots of double healer warriors, but i could lock down the resto's till Tilly and Free looked out for the priest. We only lost 1 match out of 10~.

We did lost a few games against retri rog disc, we played 50-50 i think, and if we count in Free's dc and those other very close games when we actually lost, i think we did quite well overall.

We are around 1850~ now and definitely going for more.

After a hectic couple of days, i am finally alone at home. My gf is not pregnant (ye we had some excitement over her period), THANK GOD and my parents are on some roadtrip (no more snow shoveling for a few days!).

Ofc i have to work (i almost always have to) even when it is Xmas time but I do 5 hours a day, it's really not that bad. I have quite a few things to post about, if i get home i will get to it:)

Dec 20, 2009

The first rule of Fight Club...

Snow - no glad this season?

i mean SNOW. It has piled up for 15 cm's in one night. I spent hours shoveling at home and at my parent's house, and rarely got to work in time. 12 hours today as well argh, im afraid no arena yet again:(
Xmas really keeps me busy, i only can hope i will be avaible for some games tomorrow..(and i dont want to lose our priest to inactivity.:( )

If something will prevent me from getting a gladiator title, it will be IRL once again. :/

But life is life, and i have to care about ours.